Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Each year, I love celebrating Cinco de Mayo with my friends and family by eating delicious Mexican food, listening to the music of a flemenco player , solo, or with a mariachi band, and dancing those fabulous dances that get all the body parts moving !    Interestingly enough, Cinco de Mayo, on the Fifth of May, is not celebrating Independence Day for Mexico (that’s actually Sept. 15), but rather celebrates a famous battle that was won by the citizens of Mexico in Puebla – when it was highly unlikely that they would win.   It is celebrated more by Chicanos living in the United States than it is celebrated anywhere in Central America… except for the town of Puebla.    Even though we are in Lakeland, Florida, I say, it’s a great day for a party to celebrate Mexico and its wonderful cultural influence on our world.  YUMMY !

Each year, during the final classes of Kindermusik for the Young Child 4 (the music theory class for students 5 – 7 years old), we are studying Latin Music, instruments, stories, and more.

For your enjoyment and cultural trip for the day, listen to the wonderful story of Don Gato (a cat in love).

Then lean back, listen and relax to a video of a fabulous flemenco guitarist who used to teach my son to play.


In Kindermusik class, we learn the story of Don Gato,  a story that is KNOWN throughout Central and South America,  and the students use instruments to add our own sound effects throughout the story.

Surprisingly enough, I found an animated version on You Tube.  Enjoy!


I wanted to share some wonderful flamenco music by my son’s very favorite guitar teacher,  Nathan Herrera, who is now living and performing in the Cayman islands with his amazing talent.  Watch his fingers!

Happy Cinco de Mayo.  So besides stuffing yourself with fabulous traditional foods, how do YOU celebrate Cinco de Mayo ?