Look how much FUN we are having !

And there are still 7 more weeks of fun and learning in store this Spring, including a brand new semester for babies!

Now is a great time for your family to Leap into a Kindermusik class !

Check out these special offers for you.

A NEW Babies class, with the option for two extended classes.

Catch a RIDE with us in the Our Time or Imagine That! programs.

Families can join us at any time !


Come play with me !

A new Village unit starts the first week of April:

  • Village classes are designed for babies up to 17 months
  • Wed.  9:30 am  or Thurs. 12:30 pm.
  • Dew Drops is a wonderful Village unit about flowers, gardens, and filled with fun Irish Music !
  • $120 for 7 weeks and all the cool materials;    $110 for currently enrolled families


I FOUND THEM ! Jingle, Jingle, Jingle go the car keys.

Enroll now for Our Time or Imagine That! at a reduced price.

There are 7 fabulous classes remaining in the Spring semester,

and there is still room in the following classes:


  • Our Time “Away We Go” for toddlers and twos
    • Thursdays at 9:30 or 10:30 am.
    • Currently we are exploring all things with WHEELS !
    • Soon we will be “getting into” our boat activities.
    • Let’s go Riding Together….  Away We Go !


    • Out here on the sea.... I'm looking and looking, and what do I see?

      Imagine That “Toys I Make, Trips I Take” for 3 – 5 year olds

      • Wed. at 12:30 pm. or Thurs. at 11:30 am.
      • Children participate independently for 30 min., then parents join us for 15 min.
      • Currently we are building boats and taking daily excursions, ending with magical “star-gazing” moments.
      • Soon we will be enjoying imaginative train rides across the country, and making maps of our destinations.
      • Then we have some special activities to enjoy with our favorite stuffed animals, including a funny rhyming book.


It is EASY to JOIN either of these  classes.

Just $140 covers all the fun classes PLUS the awesome home materials for either the Our Time OR Imagine That! program.

This amount can be divided into 2 or 3 monthly payments to make it easy.

Families can enroll at any time.  The tuition will be prorated accordingly.

Look to the right to Contact Us, Preview a class, or Enroll !