Today we introduced a few new activities:         We learned to play the resonator bars with alternating hands to “Steeple Bells”.  The song’s chorus of  “ding, dong, ding, dong” uses D & A, so the pitches match perfectly, even when you play it with the CD.  Please try this at home this week, and watch their ability to play the steady beat with alternating hands. Remember to set up their resonator bars so the large bar, D, is on their left, and the small bar, A, is on the right – this matches the keyboarding format.  Have them play D on ding, and A on dong, then continue throughout the song.  It is difficult to keep this steady.     PLEASE BRING RESONATOR BARS NEXT WEEK !!!  Res, Bars

         We also used the Three Artists Matching Game in a different way today.  As it discusses in the Home Activity for the week, this is a great building tool for cognitive development.  Enjoy ALL the different aspects of this activity, as it offers so many ways to build critical thinking skills.   Especially have fun exploring the different ways each artist might move. 

         Cooperative play among the children came into focus today in the activity Roll That Ball.  I paired the children up and each pair sat on a “sidewalk” upon which they rolled a ball back and forth. With preschoolers’ developing awareness of others’ feelings, they are increasingly able to enjoy cooperative play with another child, such as today’s “sidewalk” ball play game. This is an exciting milestone for your preschooler and the Kindermusik environment is one in which his social development will continue to be nurtured, week after week, through his first years in elementary school! Thank you for placing your trust in me and for giving me the opportunity to take part in this exciting period of development.