Kindermusik Our Time – Fiddle Dee Dee    WEEK 9 

I hope you have been listening to your Home CDs over the past few weeks.  If you have, you have heard a variety of instruments and vocalists, musical styles, and arrangements.  Your Kindermusik CDs offer the highest quality in children’s music by including folk songs (Hush, Little Baby), traditional children’s songs (All My Little Ducklings), music of many cultures (Usagi, Usagi from
Japan and Bangara Dance from
India), interactive tracks, and more.  Enjoy your CDs this week by:

  • listening to Home CD 2, track 12, Donkey Braying,
  • playing an echo game with Home CD 2, track 13, Donkey Sounds, and then
  • singing along with Home CD 2, track 14, Sweetly Sings the Donkey.  Have them play a steady beat on an instrument such as a drum, quietly at first, then LOUD on the Hee-Haws.
  • play instruments together while listening to Sourwood Mountain, be sure to listen for the quiet sections and the loud sections, and play your instruments accordingly.
  • dance with a scarve, or piece of fabric while listening to Bangara Dance
  • hammock your child in a towel while listening to Hush, Little Baby

Listening to a variety of styles of music is excellent ear training, but your special interactions are what really make a difference in what a child learns and remembers.  Enjoy!