It’s a good thing babies and young children are so adorable and loveable !!!  Daily life with a young child is full of routine activities that can be exhausting, and somewhat, well… boring and/or annoying.  If you feel it, your baby will feel it too.

Adding rhymes and songs as you go about these routines can liven up the atmosphere, perk up the ears and mind of you and your baby, and can look forward to enjoying these activities together.  Try a fun and easy test:  Instead of simply asking your child to do something, use your singing voice to call out your child’s name and direct them to the task at hand, “William, William, let’s pull up your pants.”  Is the child’s reaction different?
As the brain starts recognizing patterns and joyful connections, children often become more comfortable, more cooperative, and generally more happy.
Sometimes special songs or rhymes create special rituals in your day that help you and your child truly connect on a deeper level.    I have three things to share that can help families get started, and thrive on this path to daily connections with your children:  a story, an opportunity, and a book.

A Personal Story

My little man, as a baby, would worm and squirm on the diaper changing table, making it near impossible to come away with both of us clean.  But I found a cute little book at the library with the “Mary Had A Little Lamb” rhyme, with ALL of the verses… silly lamb.  The pictures really caught his attention, and he was fascinated as I spoke and sang the rhyme.  I set it next to the changing table, and only used it during these changing times.  He would hold the book as I change him and retold the rhyme over and over.    Changing Time became a special time for us to connect through words and music, rather than a battle.  Ah, how little things can make a difference.

That was before I found Kindermusik.  My son was a busy 14 month old when we attended our first Kindermusik class.  And I was hooked.  With my background in Music Therapy, I knew how much music could really help people of all ages in so many different ways.  But as a mom, I was seeing the benefits first hand.  And Kindermusik seemed CHOCK FULL of new songs, rhymes, activities, and ways to reach my young child.

The most significant turning point for me was watching my child learn to LOVE to STOP.  Moving and stopping in class was showing up on our daily walks around the neighborhood.  We sang the WALKING song, and STOPPED at every road… and driveway… and even in between stopping spots… just because it was FUN.  He was enjoying the chance to practice at controlling his own movements.  I was hooked, and I wanted to share this with other families.

My son is now a young adult, and I have been facilitating Kindermusik experiences since 1998.  I have truly found it to be everything I wanted it to be, and more, for my children, and for as many children as I can reach.

Now for the opportunity:

Come be a part of the musical magic for one class without charge or obligation.

  • Kindermusik programs are offered throughout the school year, for 5 different age groups, and as Adventure camps during the summer.
  • The schedule for all planned classes and events can be found through the drop down list at the top of the page.
  • It is easy to schedule a visit so you can see the magic in action.    Just complete the Request a Free Preview class to the right to start the conversation.   We may need to talk about the age and needs of your unique child in order to set this up for success.


And, finally, I promised a book.

After many years of reading parenting books by Becky Bailey, and participating in her seminars, I can fully recommend ANY of her parenting resources.  I could go on and on about the many different products I have purchased.  But there is a special book for parents of young children that gets to the heart of building connections through rituals, called “I Love You Rituals”.  It not only provides the why’s and when’s, but also provides some cleverly altered nursury rhymes, and specific movements to do along with them that will help you connect with your child through music and movement.  She also has some new baby bibs that feature some of these rhymes to make it easier for parents to remember and make time to create this connection for mealtimes.  You can SEE it in action in this video of daddy and baby.

If you can get it from a book, this book would be it.  But, from my experience, it is much easier to learn and make it a part of your routine if you and your child are actively involved in participating in a variety of activities through music in a Kindermusik classroom.  These include finger plays, as well as lap bouces, reading books, instrument and prop exploration, and dancing in a group full of other babies with their moms, or dads, or grandparents.