During May, we will be enjoying new units featuring Kindermusik@Home with Digital Home Materials.  These units include 4 weeks of music classes, featuring new and unique themes for each age group from infants up to 5 years old.  These short programs will wrap up our 2014-15 School Year in the Lakeland area, continuing to be held at Explorations V Children’s Museum.


Kindermusik@Home digital materials are the ticket to bringing this learning to life at home!   Eight activities are available in each unit, which always contains an online picture book with audio presentation, video field trips, games to play, and lots of ideas for hands-on exploratory fun.  Printable activities, music downloads and an abundance of important parent information is attractively presented and easily accessible from a home computer or mobile device.

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Babies up through 24 months:  I Can Do That!

Being a little kid is complicated.  There is so much toddlers still need help with, but so many new things within their grasp!  In this unit’s lessons you’ll help boost their skills and confidence by exploring language-enhancing steady beat activities that will have them saying:  I Can Do That !

Through this unit of digital home materials, families enjoy the “Watch Me” book, video field trips to experience steady beat, and a variety of games to get moving, make faces, and make instruments.  PLUS, there are instructions on involving these little ones in chores around the home, and using sign language to promote communication skills.


Young Learners from 1 1/2 to 3 years old:  How Do You Feel?

Everyone has feelings, and children are no exception.  A young child can go from happy to sad and back again in the blink of an eye.  Navigating their changing emotions can be complicated for children, but the music, dances and activities in How Do You Feel? provide a fun way for them to explore and identify different feelings, learn how to express and manage their emotions, and understand themselves better.  What better way to develop these important social-emotional skills?

Through this unit of digital home materials, families enjoy the “Feelings” book, video field trips to explore “Feelings Faces”, and a variety of games to get moving, play drums,  recognize emotions in music, start conversations about emotions, and make a Feelings Shaker instrument.  PLUS, there are instructions on involving these little ones in sign language for specific emotions to help them communicate their feelings.


Preschoolers:  Carnival of Music

Step right up to A Carnival of Music!  Children are compulsive music makers.  They hum while they play, sing along with the music in the car, and love the opportunity to use wooden spoons and pots from the kitchen as drums.  That’s why they will absolutely love Carnival of Music.  They will develop comfort with instruments and their ability to play them, increasing their likelihood of playing instruments as they get older.  The music and activities in this unit will invite and expand their natural tendency to sing and move, allowing the development of a strong musical foundation for future enjoyment and pursuit.

Through this unit of digital home materials, families will enjoy the “Shoofly Pie” book,  listen and recognize different sounds of drums, go on a carnival field trip, get to music making and baking in the kitchen (Barley Bear can’t wait to eat that Shoofly Pie (recipe included).  PLUS, there are three games: find and count, memory matching, and a jump start to get into some creative pretend play with a Treasure Chest !



Our young musicians in the Kindermusik for the Young Child program are finishing up through May and preparing for their Annual Music Festival.   There are several students who are graduating from the program this year after being in Kindermusik since they were a baby.  The graduation of all my students is a bittersweet farewell.

BUT, for those who are interested in starting the program in the Fall after school starts back up, Ms Debbie will offer a Free  Preview of the Young Child program, so eligible students and families can see the types of music theory, music history, cultural music, and melodic instruments that make up this amazing introduction to music.  This is a music theory program is specifically designed for children just starting Kindergarten or first grade, and uses active listening, music, games, and a research based and time tested curriculum to promote age appropriate learning.

If interested in this Preview for your young musician, please complete the Request a Free Preview form, and I will contact you with more details.

I hope we’ll be together… making music this May !!!