SUBSCRIBED!  This new blog identifies itself as A CENTER for the best research, resources, and news about the influence of music on children’s learning, cognition, and development.  And it truly is.  Count me in.  I’ll be going back again and again. 

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I am obsessed with this topic, as a parent, as a music therapist, and as a Kindermusik educator.   I love to learn about this, as it is quite fascinating, and quite USEFUL to know.  But the information is so scattered, and so vast!  And how exactly can it be applied to real life?

Now there is a place where we can research to our hearts content – with links to articles as well as other online resources that provide an amazing amount of information all centered in one place.   And the blog postings are often focused on how to apply simple strategies to real life. 

For example, Scaffolding on the Beach, shares how the highly effective parental technique of scaffolding (which we also practice in Kindermusik) can be used on the beach.  When reading that posting, slow down your reading speed to feel the moments, and you will see a mom, who already knows the technique in her head, learn to use it, and truly be present with her child, and recognize ability for both her and her child to learn from that moment.

Those of you in my Kindermusik classes know that I am continually striving to learn, and that I try to share as much of it as possible.  This is just another way I can share this information with you.  As a matter of fact, this new blog is specifically designed by Kindermusik International so that all families can access this information!  So please share it with your friends.

I SUBSCRIBED, which added the link in my RSS Feeds, so I can keep up with all the new postings.   I will be referencing the information there occasionally, but I recommend that you SUBSCRIBE as well, so you can get all this great information.

Minds On Music offers so much more than just the blog postings, the side bars are full of extras like videos, Twitter connections, as well as links to the Cool Sites We Like, or the Research Hub.    

Please take a look and scroll down to the Research Hub.   Which articles looks the most fascinating to YOU?