I did it !  Today, I calmly persisted in the path I knew to be right, when the chaos of a teenager was swirling around me, trying to steer me off course.   Today, I LOVED HARDER when push came to shove (not literally), and LET GO of what wasn’t the most important issue (in this case, I did the dishes, even though he should have.  And we both went off to bed with a smile and a hug, and a “I’ll do better next time, Mom.”  Do you hear Rocky Theme song in the background?

I maintained peace within myself even though my son did not choose to as we discussed his grades and missing assignments (due to health issues).  I  calmly maintain: “I am the Mom, and it is my job to ask when I see my child is not able to carry the load by himself.”   It gave me the clarity to plod on my chosen course toward the destination of my vision ( a healthy successful son).   This way of responding is due to many different people and philosophies over time.  But from now on, I have a new name for this state of mind.

With full respect to Donna Detweiler, and her posting who inspired me at the close of the day, My New Hero the Turtle, I will call this my Tortoise Moments.    Tortoise moments are when you have clarity of purpose,  know your destination, you don’t try fancy tricks to get there faster, and you make slow, but steady progress every day.  Please enjoy the whole article, it is well worth it.

It was interesting to realize that in this evenings events, a sink full of dishes could end up becoming a brick in the wall between us, or it can become a new satellite in our communication system.   I did all the dishes, and launched a satellite of trust with which to build our system.

Toddlers are not all that different from teenagers, with their push for independence.   Each little mini-moment of peace you choose amidst the chaos becomes a small part that finds it’s place in the bigger picture of a calm peaceful family life.

Is your personality more like the Hare, or the Tortoise?  Please share a “tortoise” moment that you chose that provided your family with peace.