For the fourth year in a row, I have earned the educator status of Maestro Producer, which means I am in the top 5% of educators in the world.  This pictures shows me pointing to my name on the wall at Kindermusik International in their Maestro room.

Thank you for being part of my program and contributing to my success.  As a Maestro, I had a lot more opportunities open to me at the recent convention to learn and grow with other Maestro educators.  I felt priviledged, and humbled.  There are some excellent and motivated educators out there all over the world.

But where I truly feel my success is when I hear your children singing in class, or watch the look between a parent and child when they are truly connecting, or when all the students STOP at the right time in the music, or when I see the exterior shell of shyness melt when the music truly engages a child, and when I see the true joy that a child is experiencing through these music activities.  And I see these little successes each week.  Thank you for sharing them with me. 

I look forward to another semester of these successes.

Merry Melodies,  Debbie