I’m heading “home” this January.  I love Explorations V Children’s Museum.  When I first moved from Utah in 1999, I was so pleased to find such a wonderful place for me and my child to explore together.  And I truly felt like I was adopted into this family of caring people when they allowed me to start offering my Kindermusik classes there, when the museum was still in that smaller space down on the south side of Main on Kentucky Ave.   They nurtured me and helped me grow, both as a person, and as a business.

We moved together to the current location in the Kress building in 2000.  It was the Chinese year of the Dragon, and being a Dragon myself, I helped organize the toys and create the awesome creature known as D.O.T. (Dragon of Toys).   My son’s hand prints are on the shuttle, and he was the star of one of their commercials – back when he was so cute, and so sweet.  Both of my children felt that Explorations V was their second home, with the marvelous staff who worked there as their extended family.  The time I spent there with Kindermusik families, and with the staff, hold so many special memories for me.

My children got older and were exploring new directions, and so did I.  A friend who was opening a music studio offered to let me have a room of my own for Kindermusik classes, and I have been totally spoiled with the ability to spread out and create a welcoming environment for my little Kindermusik community.   My wonderful friend is now pregnant with twins, and the music studio has closed down.  I am so happy for her and know her new direction will bring her great happiness – and all of the other emotions associated with being a parent !!!

The search for a new location for Kindermusik led me to almost 20 different business, many of whom are willing to share their space for Kindermusik.  Each have their benefits, and some challenges, so I created a survey to find out what will work best for my current families.  They helped me identify the special needs of families when determining a location.  Although we are a bit concerned about parking issues and, well… trying to get our children to LEAVE, we are excited to return to Explorations V and look forward to enjoying the spacious room, the ability to keep the same schedules (and even expand for new classes) and all that the children’s museum has to offer.

It truly feels like I am going home.  In some ways, emotionally,  I feel like I’m moving back in with my parents after being out on my own for awhile.  A little strange, but I am so grateful that I am welcomed back with open arms.  Thank you to my museum family for being willing to make adjustments…  and let me have my room back.  😉


Some of the children that started in those first classes at the little children’s museum (including my son) have now graduated from High School, and, from what I hear, continue to make music a big part of their lives.  I hope I am still teaching when the opportunity arises for these folks to bring children of their own to Kindermusik in Lakeland.

Will I still be at the museum?  Maybe, Maybe not.  But I am glad to know that I am welcome back “home” at any time.  What will they help me learn this time?