Your family will be dancing, singing, and connecting in love with these songs and activities. Music is a gift that can create moments that bring us closer together, and build memories.

 You will enjoy using these songs in creative ways with your children.  And you may even initiate some musical interactions today that may become family rituals.  Rituals that your children will talk about fondly when they are older, and may share with their children.  As adults, my brother and I often sang a few of our favorites that mom sang, like “A bushel and a peck”, as well as a specific Good Morning song that was so chipper, we had to get out of bed to get her to stop singing it.  Family music love comes in so many methods.  

What songs do you remember from your childhood that really left you feeling loved and connected?  For many, it is “You are My Sunshine”.  Was there a specific action that accompanied the song for your family?  When was it sung?

Kindermusik International has created an album of love songs for your family to enjoy.  It is part of their mission to reach all children with the power of music, and we believe the best people to start this process is you.  You are only reading this if you have a strong connection to a child, whom you believe will delight in a little more music and love in their world.  I believe music can strengthen those connections, and increase the joy you have with each other.   Do you?  Are you willing to try?  Or do you already KNOW it works, and you just need a NEW song to sing ?

Download 5 Kindermusik songs from  The Kindermusik Moves Me Playlist is offered for FREE at the moment, and includes the following songs:

  • I Love My Family (very hip and upbeat),
  • You Are My Sunshine (a delightful arrangement of a classic),
  • Everybody Loves Baby (straight from the heart),
  • Is This Love? (a show tunes style song from a dad)
  • Love Somebody   (a fun singing game to play with your child)

These are some of the songs I use in my SHARE the LOVE Kindermusik Playdates in Lakeland !

A song doesn’t have to be extravagant, or fancy, or complex to become a familiar and beloved ritual.   It just takes your voice, eye contact, and the feeling of letting love flow between two hearts.  Oh, and to a child, the love that comes through your voice is way more important than how you think your voice may sound.  

These musical moments with your child do not have to become a ritual… (it can’t be if it is forced anyway).  So there is No pressure in your musical moments… it can just be a moment of joyful interaction between the two of you.  Even if the next moment does not hold the same magic.  One hard thing I’ve learned as a parent is that one joyful moment in time is just as likely to be followed by a moment of craziness, or sadness, or stubbornness. 

Fact is… EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DO CONNECT, it makes a difference !  And the next time may be easier, or longer in duration, or may happen more often.  Every time, it fills that emotional storage unit inside you and your child that both of you need filled to make it through the harder times.  These connections do typically help the hard times not last as long, before you can get back to the love.

So, how can we interact along with these songs to make these connections?  That is a good question, with a LOT of answers that cannot be fully shared in this article.  Below, I will share some basics you can start with.  But there is something special about getting together with a few other famlies to make music, make friends, and try these activities out in person, with an educator who is dedicated to helping you and your child find your own groovy way to make it work for you.  Join us for our Playdate event, or tune into our FB LIVE event to flush out even more ideas for you to use with your family.  Share the LOVE !  Music is LOVE.

Share the Love Playdate

Your family will be making music together, exploring a wide variety of instruments, peeking through colorful scarves, and joining other families in creative musical play and circle dances.  In about 45 minutes of interactive family musical activities, you will leave with many ways to enjoy the songs on the Kindermusik Moves Me Album.

Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018

  • 9:30 am – Babies up to 24 months
  • 10:30 am – Families with children 1 – 5 years

Please contact Debbie to save your place for this interactive musical family opportunity.  Anyone is welcome, but class size is limited.

2/9/18 Update:  The 10:30 event is at capacity.  Connect with us if you’d like to be on our waiting list, or if you and your baby want to join our 9:30 event.

Share the Love FB LIVE

Join Ms Debbie and friends as we highlight each of the songs on this album, and discuss a variety of ways to enjoy these songs together, whether your child is a baby, or a preschooler bursting with imagination.

Like, and choose to Get Notifications on our Facebook Page to see when our event will be live.  We’ll be asking about your children’s ages and making sure to share  some specific ways to engage your child. 

Of course, if you miss it, you can go back and glean the best of the ideas presented that work for you.  And after our LIVE event, I’ll share some of the ideas here in this article.   But you may want to be IN on the conversation to get the best ideas for your unique family. 

AND, there will be another song we will be giving you during this event, called Peek-a-Boo, I LOVE you.  Oh, yes, you will want in on this !

You and your family can make music together with us, at an event, through a FB LIVE event, or even visit a class one day for some ideas that just might catch your fancy.   I will let you in on a secret, the key to letting the magic of music work is to set the process in motion repeatedly over time, with familiar repetitions, variations, and new material to continue the joy and engagement.  Being part of our Kindermusik family makes it easy for you to bring out the best in your family through music.  Music Connections happen here.

"One of my goals as a parent was surrounding my children with as many role models of people pursuing their passions as I could. I wanted them to see people doing and teaching things they love and enjoy so that they would learn to pursue their own passions as they grow. I was very fortunate to find Mrs. Debbie Mondale from Kindermusik when my first child was around 14 months and we started our Kindermusik journey as a family. Mrs. Debbie was passionate about music and passionate about making sure children love and enjoy music. She was *always* upbeat, caring, and enthusiastic in class, doing everything she could to connect to the kids on their level and meet them where they needed. If you are looking for a class that will celebrate the uniqueness of your child then you will find it with Mrs. Debbie. She also cares about our family as a whole and worked with me many times with my often difficult schedule to provide us enough flexibility to allow us to attend our classes. When my first child got older I thought she was doing so well with music that we should start piano lessons. She did do very well initially with her piano lessons and I credit Mrs. Debbie with that because I know she introduced many musical concepts in our classes that helped her excel at first in her lessons. While she did very well in her traditional piano lessons and I believe that she would've continued to do well (and eventually be quite proficient at the piano), I noticed a change in her approach to music. She was memorizing pieces for recitals (which she happened to enjoy at first) and practice was very robotic. It wasn't until I started back in Kindemusik classes with my second child did I realize the difference. My first child no longer had the joy and excitement with discovering music like my younger child was now doing in his own classes. She could play the notes, but the passion was gone. I asked Mrs. Debbie if it were possible for her to join the Young Child class for her age group and she graciously agreed. I took my older child to a class and let her decide which she would prefer to do- piano or kindermusik. There was no hesitation- she loved the class and we were back in kindermusik. Now I get to watch both of my children learn and discover musical concepts (sometimes without even realizing that's what they are doing) and I get to see my older child excel at multiple instruments. They are being exposed to music and culture from all around the world and learn musical history. I knew I had made the right choice to return to kindermusik when I saw my older child (without prompting) play one of her kindermusik songs on our piano (with no sheet music) for her younger brother to learn just because they both enjoyed it. I know that kindermusik has helped my children become well-rounded in their appreciation of music. I would highly recommend kindermusik and Mrs. Debbie to any family.!"

Karen Strickland - 2018