Music lights up the brain.  Research has and continues to prove that music activates more areas of the brain at the same time.  Listening is good.  Interacting with the music is better.  And playing an instrument… Oh… WOW – it’s like a Christmas light show in the brain… all organized and everything!

The field of Music Therapy began because they could see how musicians playing for injured veterans from WW2 helped them recover better.  And since that time, they have been consistently delving deeper into how music can have such a strong and positive impact with our human existence.

As the original music and movement program for children, we understand that children learn best when they can see it, hear it, touch it, and then express it in their own creative ways. Each week in class, a trained Kindermusik educator leads families through research-proven and giggle-approved activities using music as the vehicle for learning.

Each age appropriate program includes several units based on a theme that your child will most certainly be interested in.  Their enthusiasm for the subject matter, like “Things that GO” or “Animals”, as well as their enjoyment of the music and movement activities, helps them initiate and practice a variety of skills, including:



The learning continues throughout the week with the home materials, including music, storybooks, Family Activity Guide, instruments, and more. Plus, we provide you with weekly parent education and resources, including developmental emails and in-class tips so that you know how each activity contributes to your child’s overall growth and development.

Hop on over to the Kindermusik International You Tube Channel to view the videos that interest you about how music has such a strong impact on so many developmental areas of your child.  TRULY music is the best choice for WHOLE CHILD DEVELOPMENT.

It’s not just about the research … it’s about the giggles, smiles and joy, and the connections we make within ourselves, and with others.

AND it is DEFINITELY about the MUSIC !    Just check out the quality of the music and resources that Kindermusik offers:

We invite you to listen to and download some of our children’s music at   The first time you Sign In, you receive 3 free credits with which to download music, and you can buy extra credits to get even more !

When you enroll to be a part of our Kindermusik experience, each unit comes with a full album of music, either as a digital download, or a CD, as well as musical stories / books, instruments and/or props for musical expression.  This is a great way to build your listening library with high quality music from cultures around the world.  It is truly music that you will love listening to along with your child,