Summertime is HERE!

It is a wonderful time to celebrate all the things that make summer special.    

Let’s start with a fun video that I found that really seems to celebrate and catch the spirit of many of the fun things that make summer special.  I like the words to the song, and the style is upbeat, much like summer is with children.  But, best of all, the homemade video captures special moments of parents and children, and siblings, taking the time to really enjoy each others company.   


The Top Ten things that make summer special for me:

  • waking up a bit later and gathering for cuddles and tickles on mom & dad’s bed,
  • spending more time with my children – free time with no structure, just imagination
  • summer get-togethers and parties with family and friends
  • Playing fun summer time music – all my favorites
  • vacations – traveling activities with the family, anticipation & seeing spectacular sights,
  • taking time to renew my perspective on how beautiful the world is
  • wild and wet water play, at home, in the local park, or at a water park,
  • fun crafts and art projects – SIMPLE and open for creativity  (also in my classes)
  • The BEACH, I love the beach!
  • Fun summer camps that allow more full exploration of things that are interesting
  • Have a great summer filled with all the things that make it special to you.  And PLEASE feel free to comment, and tell me about things on YOUR top ten list.  During the next few months, I plan to enjoy exploring these ideas through my daily activities with my family, through my blog postings, and through my summer Kindermusik Adventure Camps, so I hope you’ll keep tuned in.  See my PAGE:  Celebrate Summer