Treble FlowerThis Spring, two new Kindermusik programs will be hatching in the Lakeland area!  Expected due date:  April 9 – 10.  

Both classes will be 45 min. once a week for 7 weeks and, are most appropriate for our younger age groups.


  • Village: Dewdrops (babies up to 18 m.) – Wed. 9:30, Thurs. 12:30
  • Creatures at the Ocean  (walkers and toddlers) – Wed. 10:45 am.

DD logoThe Dewdrops Semester of Village will have us frolicking in beautiful flowers and Irish music.  The CD is an absolute favorite of so many Kindermusik families because of the rich textures in the music from all of the British islands, with such classic songs as “Lavender’s Blue, Dilly Dilly”, “Mary… How does your garden grow”, and MANY songs and activities about horses.  

DD instrumentThe home materials set includes:

  • CD full of Irish, Scottish, and British classic songs and melodies
  • Dewdrops children’s card book
  • Posters for the wall that match the flowers in the book
  • A beautiful new instrument designed with flowers and bells specifically for babies

Creatures at the Ocean LogoThe Creatures at the Ocean program is one of my favorites because it is all about the BEACH.  I LIKE THE BEACH !!!    

I miss teaching it so much, I thought I would offer it as a family class for a variety of ages.  From experience, I have realized that it is good for those transitional ages between 14 months and 24 months when many children are so very busy due to the nature of their developing bodies. 

It is also very appropriate even for much older ages.  Why?  Because everyone likes the beach, and we get to explore every aspect, from playing in the sand to jumping over the waves, to exploring sea creatures, both on the land and in the sea.  Almost every family that has taken this semester will tell you that it is one of their favorites, and that this CD stays handy for years and years!

CAO materialsHome materials include: 

  • CD with some of the best music to listen to on the way to the beach.  But make sure to listen at home so you can swim with the whales, and do the boatman’s dance!
  • 5 color folders featuring the themes presented, as well as the music and further ideas for activities and resources inside.
  •  AND seashell castanetsA set of seashell castanets !   Way FUN!
  • Other craft supplies for the many fun enhancement projects that can be done!

I hope you can join me for one of these classes!