Your baby has slept (as well as possible), been fed, diapered, and cuddled…
and both of you are ready for something more…
maybe even ready to LEAVE the house and connect with people.
But where? 
Imagine a safe and happy place where you and Baby can get down on the floor,
connecting with each other and other families in joyful musical ways
that nurture both you and your child.
It is HERE !
And we’ve been here a long time (since 1999).
Ready to be THAT PLACE
for each new set of unique personalities, and their partners,
as their journey in this world begins,
with inspiration and connections that reach beyond this place and time.
A good beginning never ends.


New Themed Units start regularly with our weekly classes, and families can join in at any time.

Our Fall-Oh Me! Playdates are scheduled for the 2nd Friday & Saturday of each month.
AND, several articles on this website can provide you with ideas to use right away.
This delightful little girl is the third child in this family to go through the Village program here in Lakeland, Florida, with her much loved Aunt !  She loves having her special time away from the big boys and is developing her confidence as she interacts with others her age.
The VILLAGE program is designed, by Kindermusik International, specifically to meet the needs of babies from infancy up to 18 months old, along with the loving adults who care for them.
The CUDDLE & BOUNCE program actually specializes even more with our youngest family members… those who are not yet moving around much.
Kindermusik is the leading music program for babies in over 70 countries worldwide.
But as you pop in the classroom door each week with Baby, eager to get engaged with songs and activities that are becoming familiar and loved,  it feels like it is designed specifically for you and your baby.   And as you look around the room, with all the musical interactions between the babies and our loving families, it feels like you have found the perfect little community in which you and your baby can thrive.
2016-17 Session class times available:    

Village:   Wed. 9:30   or  Thurs. 12:30  

Many of the babies in these groups are crawling, or walking, and interacting so eagerly with the other babies and adults.
AND it works very well for the younger less mobile babies, as this class time may work best for  your child and family’s schedule.  The younger ones are fascinated to watch what the big babies can do, and the older babies learn to interact gently with their smaller counterparts, developing confidence in their growing skills.


Cuddle & Bounce:  Wed. 11:30

 Some families wait until their baby is sitting up by themselves, and that is a great time to see them be more interactive.
Yet,there are so many reasons to start younger, around 2 months old.
During this time of tiny, they are in the prime season for learning
through sound and movement that they experience with a loving adult partner,
laying a foundation for all areas of their future development.
It is fascinating for parents to learn how they can infuse their daily routines
with musical magic, and how it benefits their baby.
Our Frolicsome Fall Playdate is a one-time event.
During this special 45 minutes, we take a moment to celebrate the
unique themes of the Fall season,
migrating birds (Does your baby like to fly?),
falling leaves (I have a basket full to frolic with)
Native American rhythms (dancing, and …. DRUMS!)
and so much more… in class, and to take home with you,
for just $20.
Friday, Nov. 11 @ 9:30
Saturday, Nov. 12 @ 9:30
When I hear, “What can a baby get out of a music class?“, my face lights up, as I have SOOO much information to share.  My degree is in Music Therapy, and I have been teaching music classes for babies since 1998… and I’ve got so many stories and wonderful things to share with you!   Here are just two articles you may enjoy.
It’s worth a Visit…. Right?
It really is a wonder to experience the magic of music for the first time.
Bring your child to see the smiles, and to determine if this experience is right for your child and family at this time.
If not, there is no charge for the visit.
If you recognize the potential of the process of music in your family, you can enroll right away and your materials will be ordered, and you will begin to feel and create these connections.
It is important to schedule the visit so we do not exceed our maximum number of students per class.  AND, we may want to talk about which class will be best for you and your child.