“On the Road again…  I’m going crazy on the road again.  My children whine and cry and wonder WHEN.  Oh, how will we survive it On the Road again?”   

Your road trips this summer COULD be filled with engaged children joyfully interacting with the family, at least some of the time.  There are some insightful tricks that can be used in preparing effectively for a long road trip with little ones.   It is important to consider what you do before the trip, as well as how you can juggle options along the way for a good balance of bonding together moments, quiet self-absorbed moments, and getting out and moving moments

Part of a family’s best preparation is building some common themes to enjoy together.  Setting up a travel kit with music, books, instruments, etc., along with ideas for activities can be a sanity-saver.  This may prevent, or distract from, boredom or big emotions that build up when movement is limited for an extended period of time.

Having a good supply of “tools in your parenting toolbox” can be a critical element of success, and we have so many to share with you during our “On the Road” Summer Adventures for preschool age children in Lakeland during June and July 2019.   

Our “On the Road” Adventures are exciting for your child to enjoy weekly this summer, AND can set up satisfying family road trips! 

Kindermusik designed a fabulous set of imaginative adventures for our summer camp for 3 – 6 year olds, focused on interactive play and games during road trips, as well as the highlights of 5 different delightful destinations.  Your child will eagerly anticipate our weekly pretend play adventures as we “travel” to places to play, including a lakeside cottage, the beach, a fun-filled fair, as well as tent camping in the woods.  Imagine your child and their friends acting out a full camping story, ending with us cuddling up with our families and singing around a “campfire” we create with safe objects.  Seriously, our children get so involved in our pretend play, the feeling in the room is filled with connection as we all become part of the musical story.

This is a great summer opportunity for your young child to gain confidence in participating in structured activities independently with their friends during the first 30 minutes of class, then parents and siblings join in our play for the last 15 minutes of our time together.  There are plenty of creative extentions for you to enjoy during your long days, and road trips together, with an amazing full album of songs and music, a book that has them telling stories, and more.

We know summer plans can be tricky, so our flexible options make it easy to schedule the eight lessons during June and July to fit your calendar needs.  You even have an option for a Saturday Playdate in June so the whole family can enjoy our imaginative road trip together. 

Pleasurable Road Trips can build Connections, Confidence, recognizing valued place in family.

Some of my most favorite memories with my family involve road trips:  weekend trips to the beach, and trips across the country in our Volkswagon camper van.  Along the way, we played games with things inside AND outside the car, sang songs together, and played kick ball at the roadside rest stops.  My brother and I may have clashed at times, but generally, we all bonded in a way you can only achieve when you are trapped with each other for long periods of time and have some ways to connect.   I thought that was normal, but then I had children of my own, and it wasn’t as easy as I remember to make it that…um, agreeable, much less entertaining.  Without a good perspective and plan, we were sometimes downright annoying to each other, as well as some other uncomfortable emotions.   

Nowadays, it is very easy to just hook up our children with videos and other electronic entertainment, which makes for a nice quiet ride.   I am not arguing that it definitely has it’s place.  But it doesn’t create those amazing feelings of being connected with each other, singing, making noise together, and finding out how funny and smart we can be around the ones who matter most to us.   It is a great confidence builder for a child to realize that their ideas, jokes, and conversations are valued by their parents and siblings, and road trips are a great place for this to happen… with the right mind set… and knowing the art of setting it up for success.

Kindermusik makes it EASY !

Kindermusik definitely helped provide our family a good array of music we enjoyed singing and listening to together, instruments for joyful music making, and relatable themes to get us talking and jumpstart our interactions.   

As a mom, and someone who just loves to learn more to make things work better, I have done a LOT of research into family road trips.  And I have so much to share over and above the Kindermusik experience, along with a bit of feedback on what has worked for my family over time.  Now that my children are older, we are not listening to Kindermusik albums, but somehow, out of nowhere, we end up singing some of our favorite songs, especially ROUNDS, that remind us… oh, yes…  we are a Kindermusik family.  

 Kindermusik Adventures


This summer camp is designed for children 3 – 6 years olds to participate independently for 30 minutes independently followed by 15 min. with parents and siblings to complete our adventure together.  With parents, we can even enjoy singing rounds, and creating music ensembles that are just becoming within your child’s ability level.   

This little frog guiro is a perfect fit in your child’s hand, filling the need for a little friend on your journey, as well as offering a variety of sounds to accompany songs and stories. 

Your full album of music, book, and handouts from Ms. Debbie provide an array of  ideas for creative activities to extend the fun and learning throughout the week.


Go Van Go , part of your home kit, is an amusing children’s book filled with perspectives from each person in the car on a road trip to destinations that match the ones we enjoy in class.  The illustrations are packed full of their own stories for you and your child to discover… and even games you can play on the road, playing “I Spy”, and watching for the alphabet on the road signs. 

Two easy payments of $65 covers:

  • EIGHT weekly lessons, adjusted as needed around your summer plans
  • All Materials including the CD,  book, and a wooden frog guiro instrument, as well as supplies for creative art projects to create an “On The Road” pack for your car, full of games & ideas.

This will ensure the fun and learning continues ALL summer long… on all your road trips, even around town.  Truly, it is like getting a great album of music, a book that matches the themes, along with several group classes to discover the joy and interactions found within them, that can extend into your everyday life.

Enroll Soon to Save Your Spot

Each class time is limited to a maximum of 12 students, so complete your enrollment online with a $65 payment to secure your child’s place in the class time of your choice.  This also ensures your CD and book are ready for you on the first day of class.  You and your little one are going to LOVE listening to the music on the way home!

Once your enrollment is recieved, we will connect with you to make any adjustments you need in the schedule, and share how you can make adjustments as needed throughout the summer. 


We have summer adventures for all ages from infancy through 7 years old.  You are sure to find the perfect summer adventure for you and your child through music with us, and an intimate group of families with children the same age. See summaries below:


Try before you Buy

If you and your child would like to visit one of our current classes in session to experience the music making together,  simply complete our form to Schedule a Visit sometime during April or May.


Join Our Parent Conversations Online

We’ll be discussing our favorite baby games, as well as sharing stories and questions about parenting issues with local families on our FB group.  ALL are welcome to join in our conversations whether in Kindermusik or not.  Let’s connect, because we are better together.


Summer Adventure Summaries

Which program will be the best fit for your family?  We’d love to talk with you personally to make sure you are in the best place for you and your child to thrive.  Click on the colorful title to see full details for that program.


Peek-a-Boo, I Love You !   

– with…  BABIES

You and your baby will thrill with the hide and seek games and songs, as well as many other favorite baby games from cultures around the world.  Two different age groups are available:  Infants – cuddlers & crawlers up to active walking babies,  OR Active Explorers up to 23 months.


with independent PRE-SCHOOLERS

If your 3 – 5 year old is ready (or even almost ready) to participate independently with their peers, then it is time to “pack our bags” and head out for some imaginative road trips.  Each lesson has us enjoying songs, games, and pretend play at new and delightful destinations, like camping, beach days, a county fair, and more.  Your family road trips will forever be enhanced, and your long summer days may be filled with creative “stay-cation” adventures.



Does your 5 – 7 year old love to act out and embellish stories?  Perhaps they might like to add a bit of dramatic flair with songs, and presentations that include crafted props and personal art?  AND, are they eager to learn about different places and cultures through these stories?  If so, you will see the creativity in your child burst at the seams through story-telling, music-making, and artistic creation during each of these FIVE  2-1/2 hour adventures.  Max=8 students.

Find Kindermusik near You

Kindermusik educators can be found in every US state, as well as over 60 countries around the world.  If not near enough to join us in Lakeland, FL, use your zip code in the Kindermusik Locator to see which programs may be near you.  If any of my educator friends are also teaching Peek-a-Boo! this summer, please add your name and location in the comments below.