“Mommy, I found a fat green caterpillar.  Maybe it will become as beautiful as the butterfly I made in art class.  How does that caterpillar rhyme go?  Watch me !  I can crawl like the caterpillar, then spin and dance into a beautiful butterfly.”   Let everyday experiences in your own backyard, or in the park, be full of connections to music, movement, stories, and art.

Kindermusik Family Adventures:   Creatures in my Back Yard               

This Family Adventure is designed for families to participate together, whether there is one or several children (mostly ages 1 – 6 yrs.+ ) in t
he family.  An added benefit is that children learn new creative and fun ways to interact with their siblings, with their parents, and with other families.

Creatures in My Back Yard is dedicated to the wonders of the natural world around us, and our many neighborhood animal friends.  The five lesson themes are:   (See how each of these lessons are offered twice during the summer to provide attendance options.)

A – Nesting In Trees  –  Feathered friends:  bluebirds, woodpeckers, owls, etc.

B – Flying to a Flower – Birds, Butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, etc.
C – Playing in the Puddles – Rain, Mud, worms, bugs, etc.
D – Hiding In the Grass –  Bugs, Rabbits, Turtles, Squirrels, etc.
E – Making Music on the Porch – Dogs, cats, and other pets


Home Materials and crafts projects help extend the fun and learning all summer long !

These class options allows children to explore each theme through music, movement, and/or art !!!

45 min. of Kindermusik activities
                   (10:30 – 11:15 am.)

  •                  =  $95 for 5 lessons   (includes home materials: music CD, scarf, ladybug  jingle instrument)
  •                        Add additional classes for just $8 each. No additional materials needed.
  • 45 min. of Art, Book Reading, and Snacks   (11:15 – noon)
  •                  =  $85 for 5 lessons   (includes art materials and creative snacks)
  •                       Add additional classes for just $10.00 each. This includes $2 for additional craft materials.
  • 90 min. of ALL these activities                          (10:30 – noon)
  •                  =  $160 for 5 lessons (less if you register before May 10 )
  •                       Add both classes for just $16.00 each day.
  •                       This includes additional craft materials and snacks.
  •                       We really want you to be able to do both… it’s so integrated !

  Classes offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting June 19, and run through July.

See the weekly or biweekly  Flexible Options to fit your summer schedule.

Out of the 10 classes offered, choose 5 or more !

Registration information and links are located on that post.

We look forward to our Summer Adventures in our Back Yard with your family !