The students in my Kindermusik for the Young Child Class are now studying music and instruments from South America.  Maracas and Guiros are easy and fun to play, but what about those pan-pipes?  They have asked me to find a video for them (they are really getting into these internet enhancements to their curriculum), and I was pleased to find two good resources from a teacher in Hawaii, Brad White.  First, watch the following video which is an excellent introduction to the instrument itself.  Then proceed to his website, , where you will find and Animated Introduction to the Pan Flute.  This includes a well researched history of this instrument.  It seems that they are prevalent in many ancient cultures from all over the world.  But the South American people have truly embraced this instrument, and keep it’s music alive!  Fascinating!

It is excellent that he demonstrates so many different musical styles on this pan pipe tuned to a pentatonic scale.