Hickory, Dickory, Tickle and Bounce                      Week 3 

Learning something new is challenging. How did you feel as you learned the new dance, Sonata for Flute? We all react to new experiences in different ways. A challenge can be fun, frightening, or a bit uncomfortable.

Challenges are part of your baby’s life several times every day. She is presented with new people, toys, foods, and more. By providing her with secure places to explore, being by her side, and giving her love and care, she will be more confident in how she faces the world.

As she masters new skills, she will realize that she is a powerful little person. And your experience in class today is a great reminder of what it feels like to be a learner once again.   Indeed, being a mother is a great reminder in itself.

line dance

By next week you’ll both feel like Sonata for Flute is an old friend!

The last two journal pages have discussed “listening” to your baby, and using sign language.  What kind of communication does your baby use that you have now interpreted?  What kinds of signs are you using with your baby?  I would love to have everyone share a bit of their “communications” during our hello song next week.  And we always love to celebrate what NEW skill your baby is discovering!