Kindermusik is truly designed for children from infants through 7 years old.   The curriculum for each age group is based on research and experience to meet the musical and whole child development needs for children at each of these ages.

Even one semester of Kindermusik can provide a great deal of enjoyment, and a perspective for the parent that can be beneficial for life.  But in my last 14 years of teaching, the families who start young and continue through to graduation from the Young Child program have truly come to value the Kindermusik experience.

Here are a few things parents have shared about being a part of Kindermusik over the course of two or more programs:

Actually, the NEXT baby is the one now in Kindermusik.


Kindermusik is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy music with your child. It is a unique way to bond with your little one and then as they age, they begin to learn so much. It is truly incredible.”

–  Michele

Teachers’ Note:  Michele’s oldest daughter started Kindermusik when she was just a baby, and continued through each semester until she graduated from the Young Child program at 7 years old, and is now a budding pianist.  The same is true for her second daughter.  And her youngest son continues the tradition through each age level. 



The Kindermusik programs are well researched and our instructor shares the documented benefits of the various activities. This makes the 5th Kindermusik semester that my children have attended and I continue to be impressed with the program.”

Teacher’s note:  There are typically 2 semesters per school year.


My daughter has just flourished over the years in the Kindermusik program. She is now in the Young Child class and I am amazed at her enthusiasm for learning music theory, practicing her instrument and her overall love of music. Debbie Mondale is a true inspiration.


Ms. Debbie has a full understanding of development of the children’s ages she is serving. Her understanding goes beyond the basic understanding of Kindermusik’s philosophy.”


We have been very happy with Kindermusik over the past 8 years!


Wow!  What a joy it is to watch the process of music fill a child’s heart and mind as they grow over time.  I have stories aplenty about how music helped each of these children through the trials that come with childhood, and life, and the amazing people that each of them has become.    I am grateful for the kind comments from these parents, but, even more than that, I am grateful and blessed to have been partners with these fabulous parents in the process of meeting the specific needs of their children over the years.