People are passionate about their babies, and are eager to find the best place to allow their child to grow and blossom, let their personality shine, and provide materials and creative ideas for home activities.  Here’s what families are saying about our Kindermusik Village program.


My son and I love Kindermusik. I love watching him interact and learn new things from the kids in his class and from Ms. Debbie. I also liked how other family members were encouraged to visit – Daddy, Grammy, and Pop Pop loved coming to a class!”



I have reccomended Kindermusik to several friends.  I actually told my husband recently and have told some friends that if a random passerby was to glance into the classroom during a class, we would all look silly as *&^%!  Dancing and singing and galloping and funny noises….but its SO much fun and the kids LOVE it!  I explain to everyone that Kindermusik is exactly what every parent needs.  In a week filled with diapers, feeding, work, stress and right before the frustration kicks in after a long week its time for class again! Kindermusik allows me to breathe, have fun and re-connect with my daughter.  I will continue to recommend the class to friends.”            – From a mom who is now enjoying Kindermusik with her second child.


We definitely benefited from the take home materials, it gives me something to share with my daughter on  one on one time, it also helps her memory, I can tell when her favorite songs are playing.”


Start early… your babies will love it.   Debbie is wonderful and music is great stimulation for their brains.   It is very economical for everything you get.

My goal was to spend quality time with my baby, and introduce her to different sounds and experiences in a way she can relate to.  The class was great because you are always giving us tips on what to do at home, and you tell us how the baby is learning through its experiences in the class.


A big THANK YOU to all these parents who have expressed their joy in this experience with their babies, and how much it has benefited them personally.  It is a joy for me to watch, through the process of music, babies connecting on so many levels.

Names are withheld to respect the privacy and safety of our customers.

What has been your experience with the Music Connections Kindermusik Village program with your baby?