What do PARENTS think about the Kindermusik for the Young Child program?  This post will allow me to share some of the comments that have been shared with me over the years.   AND it provides an opportunity for parents to add comments so they can share their thoughts personally.  I get to hear the wonderful thoughts and stories they share with me, and I thought it may help others in the process of making the best choice for their child.

“I think that music is so important, and I think that this is a wonderful way to introduce it to children. At this age, I like this better than just enrolling a child with a teacher for a particular instrument, because they get to learn all about music (reading it, playing it, all the instruments of an orchestra, history, composers, and different types through the world).

It also is a gentle, non-stressful, fun way of learning. My child’s class was fun and everyone encouraged each other and helped each other. We love the Young Child program, and will always recommend it.”

– 2011 – Laurie Gonzalez, Lakeland   (Note:  Laurie’s first child graduated and is now enjoying and excelling in her piano lessons.  Laurie’s second child is currently enjoying the YC program!)


“The past 2 semesters have been great for our child. She had a great time and learned so much. She feels confident as a musician and loves to play her songs for us. I love that she can already read some musical notation and really thought the classes built on her understandings in developmentally appropriate ways. She usually was excited to do her homework and to practice her songs. A couple weeks ago, she labeled the keys on our piano with their note names and likes to play her kindermusik songs on the piano now. It was a hard time of day for us, especially for the younger children in our family, and made dinner tricky that night, but it was worth it for all that our child learned.”

– 2011


“I think that it’s a wonderful educational program! It’s child friendly and fun without pressure. We have enjoyed it. Music is so important and has so many benefits. I wish that there had been something like this when I was a kid, and I enjoy learning right along with my daughter. It’s a great foundation to music as a whole. I like that they’re not only learning about reading and playing music, but that they’re learning all about the different kinds of instruments and composers. They’re getting a complete music education.”

– 2010


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