At the end of each semester, we request evaluations about the program to help us understand our strengths and areas that need improvement.  This semester, Tammi Haas responded with the following comments.  Tammi has gone through Kindermusik in Winter Haven with both her daughter Emily and her older son, Robby.

Emily and Tammi

I have been attending Kindermusik classes in Winter Haven for four years now and am thoroughly impressed.   I think the curriculum is outstanding.  It has provided my children with a basis of music that they otherwise wouldn’t have received from me.  The classes are upbeat and engaging.  The children look forward to Tuesdays and ask for Kindermusik.  We are careful not to mention that Emily and I are going to Kindermusik class in front of Robby because he would prefer Kindermusik over school any day – now that is saying something – Robby loves school and looks forward to it. 

The Kindermusik materials are fun!  I was recently encouraged to attend a MusicGarden class.   It was offered through a local church for free.  I believe you could buy the materials for a very minimal fee.  MusicGarden was presented to be comparable to Kindermusik but for a fraction of the cost.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Kindermusik is a much better program with many more hands on activities for the children.   After attending a couple MusicGarden classes, I chose to stick with Kindermusik.   At first glance, it may appear to be a bit pricey, but the opportunities my children have had and the love of music they have already developed is priceless. 

I feel very fortunate to have Miss Bernadette as our teacher.  Although I think the curriculum is great, she is exceptional and truly makes the experience a wonderful one for Emily and me.  Thanks!  

WOW!  Thanks, Tammi !  Not only for such great comments, but also for being a great mom, and sharing your family with us.  We love growing together with your family!!