At the beginning of each semester of Kindermusik, I am always fascinated by two things:  how children respond to the beginning of this new environment, and by how the parents respond to their child’s responses.  There are such great families in these classes, and everyone has the best intentions for partnering with their child in this process.  I would just like to share some of the things I have learned through experience, and through continuing research on the best ways to help children learn. 

Grace sorts

I often see that children participate differently than their parents expect, or want them to.  I want to assure you that although children often participate in different, and sometimes unexpected ways, there is a LOT of learning going on – as long as the parent supports the way the child chooses to participate. 

There was a Sharing Sheet available on the first day of class that delves into this more, called “Encouraging Participation“.  I will ensure more copies are available.  As the semester continues, there will be more information given about “Scaffolding” and encouraging learning through play, and letting the child lead.  I hope you got my newsletter, with the inner Sharing Sheet that focused on some of these topics.  If not, please contact me to get one.

Even as someone who KNOWs this stuff, I still have to stop and remind myself sometimes, and figure out how to apply it to different situations.  Every child is different, even in the same family, and darn it all, they keep changing as they grow older, challenging me to keep the philosophy in the forefront of my mind as I reach to adapt to their needs.

In the next couple of Posts, I will touch on two of the challenges some families face as they start Kindermusik, or any structured group program.  Please feel free to add your comments as well, I’m sure other parents will love to hear how you and your child have adapted to this setting, even though the first day might not have quite live up to your hopes and desires. 

Be patient and persistent.  Be WITH your child.  And you will see such progress in so many areas, you will be amazed.