Sooo Coool !  I just looked up one of the recommended online sites from section of the Sunday Comics section.  Had to, it said, “Click on the mode of transport that interest you the most, such as cars, trains, bikes or boats, to begin.”  It totally caught my attention.  We are ALL about that – in our Away We GO ! semester of Kindermusik Our Time.  Whoo – whoo !

SO, I tried their suggested url, and did not get anywhere – quite frustrating, but I do NOT give up !  I kept up my search on (huge website containing free learning resources from museums, libraries, and archives) until I found it, and it is SOOOO worth it !

This link actually gets you to where you can START this interactive system:   Transport Explorer

Transportation Explorer

The instructions are very clear to start this interactive screen and activity, but I HIGHLY recommend for the parent to have the child in their lap as they explore these activities and games together – esp. the children in the Our Time program, who are 1 ½ – 3 ½ years old.   

The child gets to choose from the four modes of transportation they see on the screen:  train, car, boat, and bicycle.  When they click on it, it will bring up a larger full drawing of the vehicle, along with words that label the different parts.  Follow the instructions to click on specific parts and the parent can read the words that identify the parts and help explain how the vehicle works.  For example, the steam train interactively demonstrates how the fire in the hot box heats the pipes that heat the water to create the steam that push the pistons… etc.   The kids are going to LOVE THIS ! 

The full screen mode is Waaay better – the larger picture shows the moving parts more effectively.  This full visual on the screen, combined with the sound, the sight of the printed word, and a parent reading details that the child is very interested in – along with the closeness to the parent and their full attention – makes for a FULLY multi-sensory experience that sets a child up for successful learning – (just like we do in Kindermusik). 

This is a great enhancement activity for those in this Kindermusik program, as well as a fun learning experience for those who are just FASCINATED by Things that GO !

They will hear the sounds of the vehicles.  Imitate the sounds!  It is not only fun, it helps the brain process this information effectively, and creates a great opportunity for better articulation because it strengthens the muscles in the mouth in new and unusual ways.

They will learn new vocabulary (words for the different parts of the vehicles).  After the initial demonstration, there are two games with these words – one that allows for labeling the parts, and one that encourages the use of these words in sentences with “fill in the blank” style.

They will learn processes and physics (how things work).  If you get a chance, show them the real parts of a bike or car that you have so they can really help it relate to real life objects.  And take advantage of opportunities to take them out for a real train ride (see my previous blog posting), or a real boat !

WOW !  All of that learning right at your fingertips on the computer.  Enhance that learning with fun songs and activities in weekly Kindermusik classes!  Let’s make some noise together.  Whoo – whoo !   Honk-Honk !  Ding-Ding!  Tooot – Tooot !

Do you know of another online site that helps young people learn about modes of transportation?