KINDERMUSIK FOR THE YOUNG CHILD, SEM. 4    -Week 13 (Lesson 58) 

FORM (patterns) IN MUSIC                                                   Educational clarification

   Although your Home activity sheet discusses it, let me clarify the info. about form.

  The song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” has a natural
ABA form to it. 

  As you sing it, you realize the first phrase “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are” is the same as the last phrase – That is the A section. 

  The middle section is different, and is considered the B section. 

  The Simple Melody is also different, and can be used as a C section to be played at the end of this
ABA pattern, then finish with the A section again. 

  That makes the form of this piece ABACA.  This particular FORM is called RONDO.


***   It is very important that the students practice this entire Rondo form this week.

They may play the entire Rondo on the glockenspiel or on the dulcimer,

And they should be able to play the Simple Melody on the recorder, glockenspiel, and dulcimer. 

This is one of the activities we will do at the Annual Young Child Music Festival.



We are nearing the end of the final semester of Kindermusik, and I realize that you might have questions such as “What next?” As you continue to guide your child’s future educational and cultural choices, I hope that you will remember the many benefits the arts, specifically music, can provide for your child. Whether your child participates musically in or out of school, consider how the arts:

  • Enhance the development of creativity,
  • Facilitate social development,
  • Promote cognitive skill development,
  • Foster positive attitudes toward education and, in particular, school,
  • And more…

You have dedicated many hours to your child’s musical growth. These years of preparation may now lead to further skill development and more musical joy as your child continues post-Kindermusik activities. 


Several music teachers will be having recitals soon, and this would be a great way to experience the possible next phase of your child’s development.  I will try to get you some more information about the dates and times of these recitals, as well as names of good teachers in your area. (This will be on my resources BLOG, )