One of the mom’s attending the Village program came into class bursting with excitement.  “I just gotta tell you how Kindermusik helped my daughter go potty!”  Here’s her story. “I’ve been introducing Grace (19 months) to the potty for the past 3 weeks now and I have her sit on it about 3x a day to start a routine with it. One afternoon after her nap, I put her on the potty as I had been and gave her a book to look at (as recommended). She wasn’t very interested in the book, but seemed willing to stay seated on the potty. So I began to sing songs I knew she liked.  Almost 25 minutes into it, I’m singing and nothing’s happening. Grace

Then, it occurred to me to sing a Kindermusik song; particularly, “Riding in the Buggy”. Well, she reacted with an immediate smile on her face, giggled and proceeded to gently bounce up and down while sitting on the potty. The next thing I knew, as I continued to sing, she began to do her “business” (#2, specifically). Up to that point, I was not even able to get her to urinate in the potty, but singing that song she loves from Kindermusik class was the magic solution to her having a “BM” in the potty.  Since then, I’ve been singing as many Kindermusik songs that I can remember the words to (and some that I don’t…lol) and we’ve had two more successes with her urinating in the potty. Who would’ve thought that Kindermusik would be the trick? She’s much more interested and responsive to me singing to her instead of looking at a book. I can only hope that we have continued success with potty training.  I just had to share the news with you and the other moms because I got such a big kick out of it. Who knows…maybe some of the other children can be potty trained to songs learned in Kindermusik. Not such a bad thing, huh? J 

Debbie’s note:  Cora also responded well to the added music to her toileting routine.  Although she had a few successful experiences on the potty, she had become resistant to get to the potty.  That was resolved when I made up a “Potty Time” song that sounded like a celebration, and we would dance all the way to the potty.  Imagine a fun bouncy melody for:Potty Time, Potty Time, Let’s go to the potty time (x2)It’s a P-O-T-T-Y Time (x2)   (repeat as necessary) We also came up with another song we would sing when she actually did something on the potty.  “Cora peed on the potty, Cora peed on the potty.  Mom’s so proud, Cora’s so big, Cora peed on the potty.”  (can be adapted to other successes as well.)  What got me was when it was my turn, and she started singing it to me when I was successful  “Momma peed on the potty…”   She was potty trained by the time she turned 2 yrs. old – mostly.