Kindermusik Core Programs

YES… It is absolutely possible… even for your very young baby… to build a good foundation for music, and to allow the magic process music to help your child thrive and blossom in each of these young ages and stages !

As your child grows, they progress through “sensitive periods” for learning specific concept and skills, both musically and developmentally.   Kindermusik makes it easy for you to understand these stages more fully, and gives YOU the information, inspiration, and quality tools you need as a parent to really build strong neural networks in every area of your child’s development, along with paving the path to a lifelong love for music.

The Complete Kindermusik Package

Both in class, at at home, your child will be delighted, and enriched through the musical interactions that are at the heart of each of these proven curriculum, designed by experts in the fields of music education and child development.   Each freshly themed Kindermusik unit provides you and your child with new songs to sing, music to move with, instruments to explore, and so much more, setting you up for success as your child’s primary teacher.


Our happy studio is located at 2700 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland  33803

In July 2021, we will be enjoying classes in our Kindermusik Studio for our Summer Adventures with options for our larger room or Outdoor deck in good weather.

ONLINE Kindermusik programs, and MORE, are available via ZOOM through my amazing friends at Grow & Sing Studios in Orlando.

Complete the form to Start a Conversation with Ms Debbie, if you would like to discuss the options that will be the best opportunity for your family to thrive, or if you wish to visit a class in July.


The Kindermusik Progression

Suddenly, we realize your child is ready for more… their maturing control and focus has them seeking deeper exploration of concepts and capabilities.   Kindermusik is right there for your child to thrive as they face these new challenges with eagerness and joy.

  • Separate Multi-age Events with Seasonal themes are also offered one Saturday each month for you. (see PLAYDATES below)

Whether your child is a new arrival to this world, or just starting Kindergarten, they are at an amazing age where music can reach their mind, body and heart in a beautifully integrated way.  The best way to use this magical process of music is by weaving into your home routines, and creating rituals that support their emotional needs.  Kindermusik makes it easy.  At each of these young ages, we know the research about what they need developmentally… and musically.  Each week, as we enjoy making music together, your child gain valuable skills interacting with others, engaging with these structured learning activities, and becoming eager to repeat them at home with you… and THAT is where the real learning occurs.  Which level will help your child thrive?

Foundations: Infants up to active walking

Music for Nurturing with a loving partner

Kindermusik Foundations helps you truly recognize and nurture your unique baby, and provide their initial opportunities to enjoy interactions with other babies.

Level 1:   Active Exploring through Together Time

Oh, the energy of your active toddler is the catalyst for so… much… learning. Music provides such a variety of opportunities for this stage of persistent movement and endless curiosity. Kindermusik Level 1 is designed specifically to use this energy to explore their progression of movement abilities, and to use their curiosity to explore sounds and objects answering internal questions such as “What is it?” and “What can I do with it?” This is truly joyful exploration in action, and can be used throughout the day for maximum benefit.

Level 2:  Engaging Learners with a loving partner

Music for Integrated Learning:

Around the time your child turns 2 years old, they gradually begin to develop a bit more control over their body and their brain, and are ready for more engaged learning with you as their guide.  Music excites and enhances their interests in the world around them, and our multi-sensory approach provides a way to recognize and connect with their preferred learning styles.

Level 3:  Emerging Independence

Music for Expressing and Expanding:

Transitioning to independent participation, these young learners are eager to sing and coordinate their music playing with their friends.  Stories and music capture their imagination, and let them play their own roles in it’s creation.  As their confidence grows, they quickly become ready for practicing more complex musical concepts through movement and playing a wider variety of instruments in class.   There is a unique challenge assigned each week that allows them to expand on the concepts we start in class.  These students LOVE completing, and sharing, their assigned “homework”.

Level 4:  Building Competence & Confidence

Music for Developing through Imagination :

Your 4 – 5 year old is ready to use a variety of concepts across multiple learning experiences.  For example, exploring HIGH and LOW with our hands, with our bodies, with our voices, with props like scarves, with instruments that have high and low sounds, in stories with sound effects, and at the correct time in a piece of music.   All of these skills are wrapped up in specifically designed activities that engage their mind through imaginative storytelling throughout the class.  

Level 5:  Young Musicians

Music Theory, History, & Cultures:

This is the pinnacle of the Kindermusik experience, preparing each young musician with confidence in music concepts and skills that lead to success in private lessons, and a lifelong love of making music.

Mixed Age & Family Style

Sometimes, the goal for your family is beyond the specific age of one child, choosing instead to promote positive interactions and harmony within the family, and a wider range of others by learning to make music together.

For a one-time event with your family, check out the Kindermusik Playdates.

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:00 –  OUTDOORS on the Deck

10:30 – VIRTUAL Connections

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

Is it clear which program will be best for your family and child?  Or, would you like to connect so we can talk about your unique child, and which class (out of all offered in that program) will be most likely to provide your BEST experience here.  It is truly my goal to find a way for your family to thrive through music.

Kindermusik with Ms. Debbie Mondale has been one of the BEST things we have done for our daughter! At the age of 6 months, we enrolled in Sign and Sing which helped develop sign language via music and motion with our baby who was, then, too young to speak and we are still using some of those signs to communicate today, 6 years later. The scaffolding of music, motion, dance, rhythm and play creates an environment where children and parents learn in an organic way, through play and exploration of the world around them in a sensorial cornucopia gently guided by the passion and expertise of Ms. Debbie. Our daughter is reading music (a universal language), playing instruments, preforming with friends in front of audiences (joyfully) and we feel that we are truly BLESSED to have Kindermusik and Ms. Debbie in our lives during these formative years. Ms. Debbie is the PERFECT “guide” and we will be forever grateful for her expertise, passion and class(es)!

Rachelle Selzer

Winter Haven resident and mother to a delightful spark of nature.