2021 Summer Adventures:  Drums, Drums, Drums

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Music for Preparing Young Musicians


Kindermusik Level 5

  • 5 – 7 year old students
  • Weekly 60 minute structured class session
    • 45 minutes group lesson with peers
    • last 15 minutes, families join to be a part of their developing musical world
  • Outdoors will be held on the DECK at Kindermusik Studio
  • When Rain predicted, we have a back up plan.
  • This program spans TWO school years of sequential semesters build on basic music theory, styles, & cultures through movement and interactive games.
  • Parent Orientation required

2020-21 Session:  Sept. – May

  • Tuesdays   5:30       Second year students (one opening)
  • Tuesdays   3:30       FIRST year students  (time flexible)

This program is right for your child if:

Your 5 – 6 year old student can keep a steady beat and can echo short rhythmic patterns.  Students who are eager to learn to play melodies on instruments, and who are able to follow instructions and are developing good control in their bodies, fingers and minds are most likely to succeed.  Some students who are not quite 5 years old MAY be considered.

Enrollment in a Nutshell

The 2 year Enrollment is just 75 a month for 8 months each school year, and includes 30 lessons from Sept – May,  with new semesters each Fall and Spring, each of which includes a CD of high quality music, Activity Folders, Song book, and a total of 3 melodic instruments:  glockenspiel, dulcimer, and baroque recorder, along with carrying bags for all.

Enrollment mid-session can be considered. 

Connect for questions, and/or schedule a visit.

Your budding young musician is likely to find their tribe and way to thrive.   The world of music unfolds for them as they are immersed in the joy of music and instruments, both classical and cultural.  Through singable songs, interactive games, and whole body movements, your child will learn the basic principles of music theory,  and develop the skills for creating melodies on a variety of instruments.

Kindermusik for the Young Child is simply the BEST way for children this age to be introduced to the world of music theory, music history, and a variety of classical and cultural styles.  We explore music concepts through movement, engaging games, and self-correcting materials, and apply them to real melodic instruments.

Building our Musical Unity

Here in Lakeland, FL, this introduction to the wide world of music for this age is unique.    Our focus for the group is to work together as a TEAM, encouraging each other to excel, looking to each other for inspiration, and help when we are challenged.  Over two years of learning together, these students can become quite the supportive tribe.

Through our private Facebook group, specifically set up for each class group, the PARENTS are also connected, as information and enhancements about what we learn in class each week is shared and kept all in this one place.  What the children need to work on throughout the week is clarified, along with enhancements like links to videos and more.  We share pictures of our musical children, and discuss what is working, and problem solve through any questions or challenges.  Supporting our young musicians is best when we do it together.

Kindermusik is a opens the mind to the Wide World of Music

Rather than focusing on ONE instrument at this young age, our students get to see the bigger picture of how music plays a significant part of human life around the world, and through time.   Your child will begin to pick out specific instruments in the music they hear, both orchestral, and culturally specific… and even begin to recognize specific pieces of classical or folk music from around the world.

Students learn to use their music memories (audiation) to play songs on three different instruments, the glockenspiel (a keyboard instrument), the dulcimer (a stringed instrument), and the recorder (a wind instrument).  It is fascinating to watch a child’s growing awareness that a single song can be played on multiple different instruments.  This often inspires them to continue this at home on a piano or keyboard.  By the time they graduate from Kindermusik, they have the skills and the confidence to start private lessons on an instrument of their choice.  By now, they have enough experience on different instruments, they have fallen in love with a particular instrument, and are eager to learn more.

Sequential Development of Concepts and Skills

There are four consecutive semesters that coordinates with two school years, typically Kindergarten & 1st grade.

First Year:

YC-S1  Fall – Sem 1:  basic music concepts (sound/silence, fast/slow, high/low, etc.), reading/writing basic rhythms, reading and writing the first 2 notes on the staff & playing them on the glockenspiel, introduction to orchestra instruments, intro. to Mozart & Opera:  The Magic Flute.


YC - S2  Spring – Sem 2:  Pentatonic scale, learning to play pentatonic songs on the glockenspiel, as well as read & write on the staff, continue studying orchestral instruments, study instruments in context with Peter & the Wolf, as well as the Young Person’s guide to the Orchestra.


Second Year:

YC - S3  Fall – Sem. 3: – Complete a full octave scale, expand study of rhythms and music theory, introduction to a variety of North American cultural music styles and instruments, get to make and play their own dulcimer, ensemble work, and continued theory on the glockenspiel.


YC - S4  Spring – Sem 4:  Introduction to songs in alternate keys (glockenspiel allows keys to be replaced with sharp or flat notes), introduced to world music cultural styles, musical stories, and instruments, introduced to playing the Recorder, able to recognize Form in music and other more abstract music concepts.


Once students have completed this two year program (four semesters, two per school year), they are ready to choose their path for to expand their love of music in a way that they can be excited to explore.

“I think that music is so important, and I think that this is a wonderful way to introduce it to children. At this age, I like this better than just enrolling a child with a teacher for a particular instrument, because they get to learn all about music (reading it, playing it, all the instruments of an orchastra, history, composers, and different types through the world).

It also is a gentle, non-stressful, fun way of learning. My child’s class was fun and everyone encouraged each other and helped each other. We love the Kindermusik for the Young Child program, and will always recommend it.”

Laurie Gonzalez

Mother of two Kindermusik Graduates