2021 Summer Adventures:   SPLASH! 

Oh, the wonderous imaginative adventures that WATER brings out in our children.  We’ll go fishing on the river, and play with  penguins on the beach.   Your backyard kiddie pool may be transformed into a river boat set out to explore the jungle creatures, or a pirate ship sailing the seven seas in search of treasure. 

Your older 3 – 6 year old is likely eager to be more independent, have more desire to be a part of imaginative story telling adventures, and interact more freely with their friends.  These inquiring minds are also ready for more complex musical play, like sound effects with story telling, and ensemble development.    Students participate independently for 30 minutes, then parents and sibling join us for the last 15 minutes of class.   

  • $85 includes 5 lessons, physical book, Kindermusik beach ball & craft supplies, as well as access to new album online and in your Kindermusik APP.
  • Separate Multi-age Events with Seasonal themes are also offered one Saturday each month for your family to enjoy together.     (see PLAYDATES below)
  • If your child is 4 – 5 years old and will be in Kindergarden during the next school year, you may be more interested in the next level of Kindermusik.  Find out more by clicking on this button:

Music for Expanding through Imagination and Independent Learning


Kindermusik Level 3

  • independent 3 – 5 year olds
  • emerging independence welcome
  • Weekly 45 minute structured class session
    • 30 min. independent participation
    • last 15 min. parent & siblings join in music making

2021 SUMMER Session Schedule:

  • Wednesdays    3:00 pm.   
  • Thursdays       9:00 am.   
  • Thursdays       4:30 pm.  –  Family Style with Adults

With the music, book and more resources as part of your home kit, you will have plenty of creative ideas to infuse your daily routines with music and meet the needs of these children, physically, mentally and emotionally… together… through music connections.

This program is right for you & your child if:

Your 3 year old child is becoming more independent and ready to engage more with peers than parents in a group learning situation.  Some children may still need a parent in the room for a bit of reassurance, and that’s okay.  Their confidence will grow and outgrow that need… gently.  Your young student is gaining even more skills in their journey to become “school-ready” and develop into  “young musicians”.  

Enrollment in a Nutshell

This Spring 2021, during this crazy year of Pandemic, is a little different.  We are enjoying monthly units, complete with 4 weeks of lessons and a home kit for $65 / month through May.  During this Summer 2021, your child can enjoy a one week Summer Camp, June 21 – 25 in the morning.  AND/OR, weekly lessons for 5 weeks in July. 

Typically, during the school year, Enrollment remains $65 a month for a session subscription, and includes 34 lessons from end of Aug through mid- May.  Our curriculum includes solid Core 15 week units Fall & Spring,  each of which includes music, books, instruments & more.   In January, you will love our unique 4 week unit, with digital music, story and online activities.  

Enroll at any time, we’ll prorate your tuition to your start date.

If you have a child in this age range, you KNOW that their imaginations are in overdrive. This wonderful program allows us to delve into their imagination with them, shaping and reshaping familiar and delightful worlds where learning occurs as naturally as breathing, where singing comes as naturally as talking, and where children can explore being other people or animals, as easy as exploring being themselves. In the process, children gain valuable music skills, such as developing their singing voice, playing a steady beat, ensemble development, and much more that prepares them for success in further music opportunities, as well as for life.

Your young 3 year old may just be exploring the idea of participating without a parent in the room, and we lovingly nurture this growing independence, while recognizing the big emotions and need for support that may occur in this process.

Musically, you will often catch your child singing more as part of their day, as they stroll along in the rain (whether it is raining… or not), or sing a glissando as they glide down a slide (whether it exists… or not), or gather family and friends to be a part of a musical story with sound effects about a rain storm, followed by a rainbow song (even on a sunny day).

Here in Lakeland, FL, we are offering this unique opportunity for your imaginative preschooler to engage in story telling and music making with their peers independently for just a short time once a week.  As a parent, you will appreciate how your child is met with consideration, respect and love for their unique personality and learning styles. 

In the waiting room (for 30 min.), you may be listening in on the music making, sharing your own stories and problem solving with other parents, and/or enjoy playing with your younger child with our magnets, classic toys, and books… lots of books.

Through our private Facebook GROUP, specifically created for OUR enrolled local Kindermusik families , the PARENTS are also able to connect in a more interactive way. This is our happy online space where we can share our musical journey together, sharing pictures and stories from class, and home.

Together, we  become a cozy support system for each other as we face the challenges and delights of this rapidly changing stage of life.

  • You will have lifetime access to EACH unit’s album of delightful originally arranged recordings, as well as so much more music, delivered through our our newly released Kindermusik APP on any mobile device.  

    You will also have lifetime ONLINE access to each new unit of Kindermusik@Home, which includes integrated children’s eBook, along with a treasure trove of developmentally appropriate activities that will give children a lifelong love of music and a strong early foundation for learning. And with each activity, parents learn how and why that activity enhances a child’s learning and development. Kindermusik@Home is available through the web on tablet, mobile, and PC devices – ready to use wherever your family wanders.  It’s Kindermusik at your fingertips.  Be aware, these are not games for your child to play independently online, each activity is designed to be a jumpstart for engaging in interactive play with your child, or set up a scenario for their creative and ongoing pretend play.

    You have the option to choose instead a set of Physical materials, including CD of the recordings, a card book, and an instrument, for an additional $5 per unit. (Total of $10 for this Fall session.)

    Of course, you can choose to have both Digital AND Physical materials for an additional $13 per unit (Total of $26 for this Fall session.)  Honestly, it is well worth the cost as it gives you the best of both worlds and your children will grow through their continued use during each of their developing ages and stages.

    You can come to the studio to pick up any Physical materials you request.  Just connect with Ms Debbie for the best time.  

The CURRENT Kindermusik Schedule of Units for Level 3 is available on our Registration page, link in button above.   

Each unit includes new music, books, instruments, and more. 

Have you downloaded the new Kindermusik APP on your phone or mobile device yet.  This gives you access to a wonderful collection of music as a great start for your music library.  AND, for each new unit of Kindermusik you are enrolled, you will UNLOCK a new album of music with a new amazing set of songs and music to enjoy during our lessons together.

AND, you can choose your format for your book and additional resources:

Digital materials are accessible on any computer or mobile device and includes the e-book of the unit story, and 7 other delightful “starter” activities for the two of you to view and engage in enhancements to the lesson.  You will also be able to download and PRINT many of the activities as well as Lyrics to the songs, and more.

PHYSICAL materials include a Home Activity Guide, including the unit story, and an instrument or prop.  If you need a CD in addition to your MUSIC ONLINE, please connect with me.  It is so incredibly important to LISTEN to the music regularly to get the most benefit from our time together.


Throughout ALL the weeks, Students are invited to follow through on interesting “homework” to continue to engage them through out the week, supported by emails and posts to our private FB group.  We’ll also share tips, resources, and ideas for infusing music into your daily routines, and developing rituals for relationship building.  

Through these multi-sensory music activities, your child can develop a wide variety of school readiness skills, such as turn-taking, social skills, and active listening.  Repetition of these activities also promotes the ongoing development of their language, social and emotional skills, early math and early literacy, physical coordination, creativity, and more. Plus, your child will learn basic music concepts, vocabulary and notation–all setting the stage for future school success and formal music lessons.  

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

Miss Debbie is the GREATEST! Our daughter is in the middle of her second series of classes, and it is her favorite day of the week. Miss Debbie is an outstanding teacher and just engages children with the music and movement. We plan on continuing with classes for years to come!!!
Kimberly Mummey

Social Worker and Mom to a young girl whose eyes sparkle with music