2021 Summer Adventures:  Beach Days

Whether you love the real beach, like me, or if you prefer homemade or pretend versions, these beach and ocean themed songs, stories, dances and activities will soon become favorites.  Look carefully at the age ranges to find the right fit for your family.  You may prefer a more narrow age range if your child is just learning to socialize and you are looking to make connections with others their age. 

Or you may prefer our Family Style Mixed Age class groups for children (babies – 5 years) to engage fully with all your children during our class adventures.  The interactions between family members are the true magic that happens here, with Ms Debbie providing a variety of ways to you to engage with each age.

$85 includes 5 lessons, physical book, wooden dolphin shaker & craft supplies, as well as access to new album online and in your Kindermusik APP.

Separate Multi-age Events with Seasonal themes are also offered one Saturday each month for your family to enjoy together. (see PLAYDATES below)

Music for Engaging My Young Learner


Kindermusik Level 2

  •  1   1/2  to  3  1/2 year olds.
  • participating with a loving adult partner
  • Weekly 45 minute structured class session
  • Each themed unit include music, books, instruments …
  • Events offered one Saturday each month (see below)

2021-22 School Year Schedule:

    • 9:00 am.  Tues.   
    • 10:30 am.  Tues.  
    • 9:00 am.  Wed.    
    • 10:30 am. Fri      
    • 5:45 pm.   Thur.  –  Family style

With the music, book and more resources as part of your home kit, you will have plenty of creative ideas to infuse your daily routines with music and meet the needs of these children, physically, mentally and emotionally… together… through music connections.

This program is right for you & your child if:

Your child is still an active mover, but also ready for a bit more structure in a group learning situation.  With a favorite adult as a secure home base, play partner, and learning guide, these toddlers,  2s & early 3 year olds are getting “school-ready” while exploring, engaging, developing, and connecting.  

Enrollment in a Nutshell

Enrollment is just $70 a month for a session subscription, and includes 34 lessons from end of Aug through May.  Our curriculum includes a variety of units with unique themes and developmental focus.  With the beginning of EACH UNIT, you will get new music, books, instruments & more.    

Enroll at any time, we’ll prorate the tuition.  Continued enrollment is easy through the new units, and even as your child moves along to the next age group, when they are ready for a bit more independence.

As your child begins to gain more self-control of their body and focus with their mind, they become eager learners.  It is utterly amazing to see how many new words they gain each day, as well as the new skills they seem to develop over night.  As a parent, you will appreciate a chance to see how your child learns best, as we introduce new activities and concepts through multi-sensory ways, and along with other early learners in the same age and stage.

You and your emerging learner are set to discover the fascinating world around them through music, both in our structured class environment full of opportunities to get engaged and socialize, AND through continued interactions with the family and materials throughout the week.

As their inner musician blossoms, gaining understanding of concepts and developing steady beat, pitch matching, and other musical skills, so does the whole child.  The ongoing process of music, over time, helps build their confidence as a capable person, improve their ability to explore and control the many ways their bodies can move, and expand their language and communication skills.  Class time lets them practice and master social skills like taking turns and gently interacting with our friends.

Here in Lakeland, FL, we are offering this “mommy and me” style program once a week, although other loving adults such as dad or grandparents may be the little one’s partner in class.

Through our private Facebook GROUP, specifically created for OUR enrolled local Kindermusik families , the PARENTS are also able to connect in a more interactive way. This is our happy online space where we can share our musical journey together, sharing pictures and stories from class, and home.

Together, we  become a cozy support system for each other as we face the challenges and delights of this quickly developing stage of life.

This Kindermusik Level 2 program is a wonderful place for families to experience the social world of children and adults, while children learn to participate in structured group setting. Toddlers learn to balance their need to explore their world independently, and their continued need for the close bond and security of the parent or significant partner (close relative or friend) with whom they attend. All the while learning to love music through rhymes, songs, movement, and exploratory play. 

    Music and More to Infuse into your days together at home

    Each unit includes new music, books, instruments, and more. 

    Have you downloaded the new Kindermusik APP on your phone or mobile device yet.  This gives you access to a wonderful collection of music as a great start for your music library.  AND, for each new unit of Kindermusik you are enrolled, you will UNLOCK a new album of music with a new amazing set of songs and music to enjoy during our lessons together.

    AND, you can choose your format for your book and additional resources:

    Kindermusik@Home materials are in Digital format accessible on any computer or mobile device and includes the e-book of the unit story, and 7 other delightful “starter” activities for the two of you to view and engage in enhancements to the lesson.  You will also be able to download and PRINT the lyrics – as well as recipes, learning games, crafts, and more in a green-friendly digital format.

    PHYSICAL materials include a Home Activity Guide, including the unit story, and an instrument or prop.  If you need a CD in addition to your MUSIC ONLINE, please connect with me.  It is so incredibly important to LISTEN to the music regularly to get the most benefit from our time together.

    With each new unit in either format families receive a treasure trove of developmentally appropriate activities that will give children a lifelong love of music and a strong early foundation for learning. And with each activity, parents learn how and why that activity enhances a child’s learning and development.


    Throughout ALL the weeks, Students are invited to follow through on interesting activities at home to continue to engage them through out the week, supported by emails and posts to our private FB group.  We’ll also share tips, resources, and ideas for infusing music into your daily routines, and developing rituals for relationship building.

    Through these multi-sensory music activities, your child can develop a wide variety of school readiness skills, such as turn-taking, social skills, and active listening.  Repetition of these activities also promotes the ongoing development of their language, social and emotional skills, early math and early literacy, physical coordination, creativity, and more. Plus, your child will learn basic music concepts, vocabulary and notation–all setting the stage for future school success and formal music lessons.

    The CURRENT Kindermusik Schedule of Units for Level 2 is available on our Registration page, link in button below.   


    Music for Celebrating Seasons

    • One Saturday each month
    • Register for one or more

    9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

    10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

    https://musiconnx.com/programs/saturdays/This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

    My first daughter and I started kindermusik 4 years ago. She was a shy girl at first but really blossom throughout time in Ms Debbie class. We loved having friends the same age and simular interests within music. I am currently going with my second daughter who also enjoys the class and our amazing teacher! ! We appreciate OUR TIMES together. Music helps in so many ways. We love you thanks for being GREAT at what you do.
    Nicole Hendrix

    Beautician and Mother of two girls who light the world with their smiles !