Music for Active Exploring with My Toddler


Kindermusik Level 1

  • Active Explorers – around 12 – 24 months old
  • accompanied by a loving adult partner
  • Weekly 45 minute structured class session
  • Each themed unit include music, books, instruments & more.
  • Events offered one Saturday each month (click here)

2018 Summer Adventures Schedule,  and…

2018 – 2019 Session:  Aug. – May

  • Tuesdays 9:30
  • Wednesdays 9:30

This program is right for you and your child if:

Your child is an actively walking baby, eager to explore whatever they can get their hands on, or climb on.  If you are exhausted trying to keep your child busy, yet safe, and stimulated through real interactions where their brain can thrive… this program is best suited for you too.  Kindermusik can help make this stage easier for both of you.

Enrollment in a Nutshell:

Enrollment is just $65 a month for a session subscription, and includes 34 lessons from Sept – May,  with fresh new units about every 5 weeks, each of which includes a CD of high quality music, delightful board book, and a new instrument to help build your toddler’s home libraries.

Enroll at any time, and stay enrolled even as you move up to the next age group.

Get ready to sing, play, and move with your little one in each unit of this high-energy music class designed to be just right for children under two years of age. This recently added Kindermusik curriculum was created for babies 12 – 23 month old, geared to focus on your child’s active explorations of their own growing abilities, as well as everything they experience with their senses.   These songs and rhymes become a grand “fertile field” that stimulate positive vocal development, helping to nurture your child’s speaking and singing voice, as well as their pre-reading skills.

With a mix of both parent-child joint activities and child-focused activities, you’ll be able to join right in on all the singing and dancing while also getting the chance to observe how your older baby or toddler learns on her own and interacts with other children.  With you singing, swaying, laughing, and playing with your toddler, Kindermusik will be your child’s favorite activity during the week.  It may be yours too, along with those beautiful moments of toddler slumber that often follow our active class.  

Here in Lakeland, FL, we are offering this “mommy and me” style program once a week, although other loving adults such as dad or grandparents may be the little one’s partner in class.   As a parent, you will appreciate our safe and happy space for your busy toddler to explore freely and interact with others in the same age and stage.

Through our private Facebook GROUP, specifically created for OUR enrolled local Kindermusik families , the PARENTS are also able to connect in a more interactive way. This is our happy online space where we can share our musical journey together, sharing pictures and stories from class, and home.

Together, we  become a cozy support system for each other as we face the challenges and delights of this high energy stage of life.

Building Your Toddler’s Library to Explore

You will love recieving new recordings, a new book, a unique instrument, and more as we start each new unit of Kindermusik based on unique themes, such as things that go, animal pets, or farm life, etc.  So much more than just a new CD to enjoy, you get a myriad of fresh new ideas on ways to interact and explore the world with your toddler with each of these songs and recordings.   The book, songs, and recordings are designed to encourage a wide variety of movement to help them expand the ways in which they move, and to help them channel all that energy into loosely structured activities.

Kindermusik fully believes that as the person who spend the most time with the child, YOU are your child’s first teacher, and that the primary learning takes place in the home and throughout the routines of your days together.  By having the following tools, you are able to enhance your ability to incorporate joyful music, movement, language, and learning activities into your toddler’s active life throughout the day.  As you begin to more fully understand the importance of these activities to your babies’ development, you will fine tune your skills, and watch your child thrive in so many ways.


The best way to experience this opportunity is to visit a class and try it out for yourself.  Ms Debbie will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

My son is 17 months old and loves going to music class each week. Both he and I are so happy in the environment of music, learning, and exploring that Ms. Debbie has created! It has been such a joy to watch my baby experiment with drums, shakers, scarves, tunnels, and so much more. The take home materials (music, books, and little instruments or props) are so fun. Every week I leave with more ideas of how to engage my son in learning and exploring through music and movement. The other moms and children that I have met are wonderful as well. Most importantly, when I bring my son to Ms. Debbie’s class, I know that he will be loved, taught, noticed, encouraged, and celebrated as the unique and special individual he is! Mandy Dooley

Mother to an Active Explorer !