• Separate Multi-age Events with Seasonal themes offered one Saturday each month for your family to enjoy together.  Register for one, or more, that work into your schedule.  (see PLAYDATES below)

Music for Developing through Imagination


Kindermusik Level 4

  • independent 4 – 5 year olds
  • Weekly 45 minute structured class session
    • 30 min. independent participation
    • last 15 min. parent & siblings join in music making

2019 – 20 Session:  Aug. – May

  • Tuesdays    6:00  pm 
  • Thursdays  11:30 am. 

For this unique moment in time, all our Kindermusik programs are being offered ONLINE through the ZOOM app… so easy for your child to connect with other  4-5 year old children and families through music, even while staying home! 

Our children and families are LOVING this interactive time with Ms. Debbie and the other children.  Our 4-5 year olds are amazed to see Ms Debbie on the screen and interact, like a group FaceTime.  Each will hear Ms. Debbie and their friends SING  hello to them with their name and choice of movment.  They will hear Ms. Debbie’s voice engaging them in creative musical play along with mom (or dad) nearby for support and interactions.  They will look forward to these few guided moments of joyful play just right for their interest in music and pretend play and for their growing development in so many areas.    On screen, your child will enjoy seeing the faces of their friends, and hearing Ms Debbie specifically call them out for ideas and feedback on what they are doing.

Before class each week, we’ll send an email with a list of things to gather as instruments and props for our active playtime together.  Families gather whatever “instruments” they can find at home to play along, gain some delightful activities and dances to keep our young learners happy and moving.  We don’t expect anything and this won’t be recorded.  You don’t have to clean your house or wear make-up.  The children can be in their pajamas.   We are all in this together, and we support each other without judgement.

With the music and online resources, you will have plenty of creative ideas to infuse your daily routines with music and meet the needs of these children, physically, mentally and emotionally… together… through music connections.

This program is right for your child if:

Your 4-5 year old child participates fully independent and is ready to delve into more complex songs, dances, rhythms as well as acting out parts of our stories, and creating their own.  This will prepare your child for the Level 5 program for Young Musicians.

Enrollment in a Nutshell

Enrollment is just $65 a month for a session subscription, and includes 34 lessons from end of Aug through mid- May.  Our curriculum includes solid Core 15 week units Fall & Spring,  each of which includes music, books, instruments & more.   In January, you will love our unique 4 week unit, with digital music, story and online activities.  

Enroll at any time, and continue enrollment easily through different units, with tuition prorated to your start date.

Your 4 – 5 year old is ready to use a variety of concepts across multiple learning experiences.  For example, exploring HIGH and LOW with our hands, with our bodies, with our voices, with props like scarves, with instruments that have high and low sounds, in stories with sound effects, and at the correct time in a piece of music.   All of these skills are wrapped up in specifically designed activities that engage their mind through imaginative storytelling throughout the class.  You would be amazed at the many stories about familiar activities in a park… playgrounds, nature walks, picnics… and the learning that is infused into these stories.

You’ll join the fun for the final activities and watch as your child begins to master music terms and concepts, building a strong foundation for learning in other subjects like math, reading, and writing.

Here in Lakeland, FL, we are offering this unique opportunity for your imaginative preschooler to engage in story telling and music making with their friends independently each week.  Families share that their child often wakes up asking “Is music class today?  Are we going to see Ms. Debbie?”

As a parent, you will appreciate how your child is met with consideration, respect and love for their unique personality and learning styles.  In the waiting room, you may be listening in on the music making, sharing your own stories and problem solving with other parents, and/or enjoy playing with your younger child using our fun magnets, classic toys, and lots of books.

Through our private Facebook GROUP, specifically created for OUR enrolled local Kindermusik families , the PARENTS are also able to connect in a more interactive way. This is our happy online space where we can share our musical journey together, sharing pictures and stories from class, and home.

Together, we  become a cozy support system for each other as we face the challenges and delights of this rapidly changing stage of life.

Each delightful activity is focused on preparing these students to begin the pinnacle Kindermusik experience of Level 5, in which they will delve into the basics of music theory, learning to read, write and play melodies on a variety of instruments.  Five year olds typically start this program in the Fall when starting Kindergarten.

Because Kindermusik so strongly believes that all children learn the most from their home experiences and interactions with their parents and siblings, each semester comes with a full set of home materials that provide high-quality tools for continuing the learning at home.   Each set contains:

  • 2 CDs of high quality music featuring a variety of voices, instruments, and styles
  • 2 Children’s literature books with interesting characters, story lines, and word plays
  • A Home Activity Book which includes the words & melodies of the songs, as well as “homework” assignments after each class to help bring the learning home
  • A Play Set based on the theme of the semester – where the imagination can more fully process the learning that takes place
  • an instrument – designed for durability and a high quality sound that will encourage a love of music making, and provide opportunities to learn steady beat and ensemble development.
  • During the first unit, each Imagine That! student also recieves a turquoise Kindermusik backpack to carry their instruments and projects back and forth to class.

The 2020 Kindermusik Units Scheduled for Level 3   Each unit includes new music, book, instrument and more.  The units we use are the same as Level 3, but many more complex musical concepts are added to help prepare our young musicians for our Level 5 program focusing on Musicianship Essentials.  

Jan – Apr:  Toys I Make, Trips I Take  –  As we pretend we are faced with an empty toyshop, it’s Toymakers are challenged to BE the toy (Jack in the Box & Spinning Top), CREATE new toys (Boats & Surprises), PRETEND with the toys,  through songs, storytelling and a bit of imaginative play with instruments, props and sound effects.   15 lessons

May:     Jazz Kitchen  –  Whether your child loves to eat anything, or is very picky, they will LOVE our upbeat session all about preparing and eating FOOD!  Be prepared for some dancing All around the Kitchen.  4 lessons with online access to music, story & activities.

June – July:   Wild Animal Park  – Our adventurers set out through a Wild Animal Park to learn about the different animals in each ecosystem, while dancing like monkeys, Stomping and trumpeting like elephants, waking up the jungle with DRUMS, and so much more.

Aug – Dec:  Hello Weather, Let’s Play Together  –  The cycle of weather patterns become our play, with a soundtrack for each season: celebrating sunny mornings, wind effects,  rainstorm we create through our voices and instruments, and yes, even action packed moments in the snow.    15 lessons. 

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

https://musiconnx.com/programs/saturdays/This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

There is no better place for little ones to learn about music than with Miss Debbie! We’ve been going to Kindermusik classes with her for over two years, and I am always amazed by her interactions with the children! I am a piano teacher, and I send students too young for private lessons to Mrs. Debbie. They will learn what they need to know to begin lessons on any instrument through the Kindermusik curriculum!

Chesser Music Studio

Susan Chesser

Private Piano Instructor and Mom to a spunky young girl 🙂