Music for Sharing & Connecting


Kindermusik for Mixed Ages

  • families with one or more children in each family
  • age range depends on the class group
  • Weekly 45 minute structured class in SESSION
  • Separate Events offered one Saturday each month

2017 – 2018 Session:  Sept. – May

  • Wednesdays     10:30    (babies – 3 year olds)
  • Thurs. NIGHTs  6:00    (babies – 4 year olds)

For the first child, Enrollment is just $65 a month for a session subscription, and includes 35 lessons from Sept – May,  with rolling variations on familiar and loved themes.   Each unit include music, books, instrument, home activity guide, and a playful carrying case.  (See below for details.)

For each sibling, enrollment adds just $45 a month for a session subscription, including all lessons as well their own instrument, activity book and carrying case.

Enroll at any time, and continue enrollment easily through different units until May.  Summer enrollment is separate.

You may enjoy being a part of one or more of our Family Style EVENTS once a month.  Check out our unique seasonally themed PLAYDATES, typically scheduled on the 2nd Sat. of each month.  (See bottom of page.)


Your family does things together !  Sharing musical experiences with all the children in the family is a great opportunity to gain new ways of interacting with each other.   Watching an older child pull baby on their lap for a bouncing and singing game is a priceless sight to behold.  Watching little ones hold their instrument out to a sibling in a gesture of “come play with me” makes my heart melt. 

Your child with some developmental differences may also thrive in this class, where the age of the child matters less, as we focus on unique abilities and interactions meant to connect rather than compare.  We know children of all ages and abilities can learn from each other, so that is why our focus in these class groups is on joy filled interactions and connecting with each other in loving ways.

Here in Lakeland, FL, we are offering this unique opportunity for your family to have a safe, stress-free moment of joyful musical play with each other once a week.  Your baby absorbs so much learning through the stimulating personalities and activity surrounding them, in a room that is safe to wander and explore.  Your older child begins to get a feel for being engaged in group structured activities, waiting in their place for instruction, taking turns, and being a part of the engaged learning… with freedom to learn in their own way.

Through our private Facebook GROUP, specifically created for OUR enrolled local Kindermusik families , the PARENTS are also able to connect in a more interactive way. This is our happy online space where we can share our musical journey together, sharing pictures and stories from class, and home. We can support each other through the challenges and joys of raising these delightful young personalities to become the best they can be, to blossom through music, and to recognize the joy of a life filled with music making. Parenting well is hard work, and we need each other. This is a great place to ask questions about parenting, make playdates with new friends, and share our inspiration and laughter.

Together, we  become a cozy support system for each other as we face the challenges and delights of family life with siblings.

You are likely to find your family singing together as you prepare food in the kitchen, take a bath, or going for a walk.  Most of our families have discovered that our clean up song works like magic !  Your growing instrument collection, from class, and instruments you discover and make together at home, fills your home with joyful explorations of sounds.   Because Kindermusik so strongly believes that all children learn the most from their home experiences and interactions with their parents and siblings, each semester comes with a full set of home materials that provide high-quality tools for continuing the learning at home.   Each set contains:

Materials include:

  • 2 CDs of high quality music featuring a variety of voices, instruments, and styles presenting songs and chants based on the unit theme.
  • 2 Children’s literature books with interesting characters, story lines, and word plays
  • Home Activity Book which includes the words & melodies of the songs, as well as ideas, cut out games, and optional resources to help bring the learning home.
  • A Unique Instrument – designed and made durable, specifically for young children to enjoy.
  • A cool carrying container, designed around the theme of the semester or one of the characters in the book. This becomes a wonderful tool for open-ended play throughout the semester, and beyond.

These family style classes use the same basic curriculum from the Level 2 program, and are adapted for the wider range of ages of the children enrolled.  Learn more about the Level 2 units scheduled for this year.  Just keep in mind that I have been teaching all of these ages since 1998, and I am thrilled to make this an opportunity for your whole family to connect and thrive with each other, and with other families through music. 


Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.

I have taken both of my children to Mrs. Debbie for Kindermusik and I can’t recommend her enough. She is an awesome, passionate teacher that will make the class enjoyable for everyone and ensure you have quality fun time with your kiddos.

Karen Strickland

Mother to two vivacious personalities