Kindermusik Playdates – Choices Galore ! 
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What is a Kindermusik Playdate?
Playdates are ONE-TIME Kindermusik events based on the theme of a specific set of materials.
Children and their parents (or favorite partners) participate in a ONE-TIME Kindermusik event  (45 – 60 min.) based on a theme of a specific set of materials (overstock of Do-Re-Me & You).
Each family then gets to take home the materials, which always include a quality music album, and often include an integrated book, instrument, or prop to help you continue the activities and learning at home.
What Choices do I have with Themes and Materials?
The following blog page discusses these materials and what might be appropriate for specific age groups.  The Pages for each age group include pictures and descriptions of the materials and themes, as well as the cost for that set.  Cost ranges from $5 – 10.
What choices do I have with these Playdates?
Enroll in a Kindermusik Playdate scheduled by Debbie. 
 These one-time events are scheduled at one of my existing locations so you can add them to your summer schedule as it works for your family.
 Tuition is $15 for the 1st child, $5 for each sibling.   Materials varies from $5 – 10.    Unless otherwise specified, Please Register in advance by 5 days.
      Check out all the Playdates scheduled.
      Enroll online, or contact Debbie for personal service.
Host your own Kindermusik Playdate. 
These one-time events are scheduled by you and your friends on your schedule at your house, or a location you choose.  All families will enjoy a quality Kindermusik experience, and be able to take home the materials.
Benefits:  Host gets tuition & materials free and $20 off of their tuition for Fall Semester  AND you get to share an excellent experience with your friends, who also receive a $10 gift certificate for Fall Semester.
Contact Debbie for a “Guide to Hosting a Kindermusik Playdate”, and we’ll work together to set up a GREAT experience for you and your friends.
Schedule a Kindermusik Playdate Birthday Party.         A Birthday Party can be based on any Playdate theme / materials that are still in stock at Kindermusik.  A  MUSIC CELEBRATION  theme is also available.  Children and families will enjoy a quality Kindermusik experience.  The cost for the birthday party entertainment includes:  45 minutes of entertainment for up to 12 children (with ALL my fun stuff), and a set of materials for the birthday child. Parents may choose to purchase additional instruments or home kits for gift bags.  Details

Contact Debbie for a “Guide for a Successful Musical Birthday Party”, and we’ll work together to set up a GREAT experience for your child’s birthday.

Connect with your Preschool for a Kindermusik Playdate Fundraiser.

The Kindermusik Playdate can also be coordinated with a Preschool as a small fundraising activity.  In this case, the Preschool (or parent volunteers) would share the information with their families about a Kindermusik Event, and take care of the registration.   

The cost of the materials is the same, but price for tuition for each family is negotiable by the Preschool.  All funds will be collected by the preschool, and I will only charge for the materials, leaving the collected tuition as a donation for the school.  A drawing for an additional instrument, and Gift Certificate are additional benefits for the families.

Contact Debbie for a “Guide to Successful Preschool Fundraisers”, and we’ll work together to set up a GREAT experience for your child’s Preschool.