Summer Adventures

Summer is an awesome time to explore the world around us in new and different ways… expand on our interests in a more relaxed fashion… learn new skills… and share some fun with friends.  And in Lakeland, Florida, it is great to find places to do this indoors to balance out the heat factor !   While there are LOTS of Summer Camp Options around Lakeland for the bigger kids, HERE, you will find options specific for families of younger children.  This is simply a summary of the options available.  Follow the links to more details for each program.

 Busy Days – Babies

Babies move about fully in our clean & safe room,  exploring and engaging safely with their parents, a loving teacher, and with a whole group of babies and their favorite adults.

  • Tues.  12:30 pm
  • Wed. 9:30 am
  • Wed.  11:30 am (infants up to around 1 year)
  • Thurs.  12:30 pm.
  • Two Saturdays a month @ 9:30 am.

Zoo Train – Families

Families with young children (of various ages) enjoy “summer camp” excitement TOGETHER;

  •  Tues.  10:30 & 11:30 am
  • Tues.  5;30 pm EVENING CLASS
  • Wed.  10:30 am
  • Thurs.  9:30  &  10:30 am
  • Two Saturdays a month @ 10:30 am.

Zoo Train – Preschool

Preschoolers (3-5 yrs) get their OWN summer camp with their peers for 45 min of structured, musical imaginative play;

  •  Tues.   9:30 am
  • Wed.    1:30 pm
  • Thurs.  11:30 am.

Tell Me A Tale – Young Musicians

 Young Musicians (4 1/2 -7 yrs)  summer camp includes 2 hours of storytelling, music making, creative dance, and crafts based on specific stories from around the world

 FIVE FRIDAYS starting July 8.    10 am – 12 pm  Summer camp !

All of these options are here, with Ms. Debbie’s style of Kindermusik fun, and with flexible options to fit into your summer schedule.



Each Summer Camp BASIC package includes:

  • a set of physical home materials:  CD full of quality recorded music, hard back children’s book, and an instrument  ($35 value)
  • a set number of classes to attend  (this number has some flexibility to fit into your family’s schedule)
Options for Basic Enrollment

Saturday Option includes 8 scheduled days:   Choose package of 6 or 8 days.  Or combine with Special Package Deal.

  • Busy Days for Babies
  • Zoo Train for Families
Summer Weekday Options include 8 scheduled weeks of classes offered on Tues and Wednesday:  only 6 Thursdays
Choose package of 6 or 8 lessons, and schedule your desired class times, once a week or any class times available.
Or choose the Special Package Deal for unlimited class participation.


Options for Enrollment Package SPECIALS  include 

both the full set of physical home materials, AND access to the digital unit online.

  • One Child Special – Unlimited class times you can schedule
  • Family Special – Both children enrolled in 8 of the same classes
  • Multi-Program Special – Multiple children in family enrolled in separate programs


YES !  This is what I consider as making this as easy as possible for families to attend amidst the chaos that summer can be.

YES !  This is a little more chaotic for me to work out logistically, but I’m willing to because I know that the options for babies, young children, and families are limited, and because I know that adding music to your summer adventures, whether at home, or out and about, will spark moments for memories that will be cherished for life.

YES !  I have some recommendations to help make this successful for you and your children.

Processing works best when consistency is involved.


Are you excited for this kind of fun this summer with your young children?  

I am !

Enroll today to save your place in the class of your choice.  

Small class sizes means spaces are limited.