There is magic in how pumpkins can be transformed into a work of art.  Young children are mesmerized by the process, and may, or may not be willing to participate in digging out the gooey insides.  But, I think they can relate to the pumpkin’s desire to have a smile.

I had to share this fun pumpkin / Jack-O-Lantern slide show that accompanies “Gimme a Smile – The Pumpkin Song” by Andrew Gold.  Very Jazzy music to accompany the story of a pumpkin who want to be chosen and made into a Jack-O-Lanterns, but pleads “Please, Please, Please, Please, Gimme a Smile”   I find myself singing that a lot during this season.

That wonderful song can be found on Andrew Gold’s Halloween Howls CD – available in lots of places.  This is a great CD that includes fun Halloween themed songs that aren’t too scary for children.

How would you like to allow your child to carve their OWN pumpkin and let it shine – without a knife?    You’ve just got to try your hand at this pumpkin carving simulator, complete with glowing pumpkin at the end.  Do you like the pirate pumpkin I created?


Follow this link to discover the BEST way to enjoy pumpkins with your young children.  Gather a variety of sizes of pumpkins and pumpkin accessories to create a Pumpkin Playground, and all the developmental benefits, as well as the joy it will bring your child.

May these bring you and your family a lot of joy, and maybe even some recurring family rituals, as you explore these delightful orange orbs !