The students in my Imagine That program truly took the toy shop into their own hands and imaginations !  At the beginning of this spring semester, we started with an EMPTY toy shop, and helped the toy maker MAKE new toys, first in our imaginations, then through our bodies and voices, then often through designing and making our OWN toys, then working together with our friends to make a HUGE toy together, such as a boat to sail around the world in.  We had a grand time, as you can see in some of my favorite pictures from each class.

Wednesday 1:30 class

[rockyou id=114340621&w=426&h=320]

Thursday 11:30 class

[rockyou id=114341460&w=426&h=320]

To my students, may the toyshop in your imagination be more full than any real toyshop.  Remember that some of the best toys are those you make yourself.  And some of the best trips, are those that start in your very creative minds.  Although I loved all of the projects that you did this year, I think I loved your maps the most.  These maps show your desire to make and follow a path that starts in your heart, the best place to start.  Parents – thank you for helping your children make their imaginations blossom.