“GO!” is the first word of many children, they love to go, and they love things that go.  As you can see from the following slide shows, our students really enjoyed the opportunity to GO, GO, GO during the Spring Semester of Kindermusik Our Time. 

Giddy-UP horsie        Giddy DOWN horsie       Giddy OOoops, horsie      Go, Go, Go

Round and round the racetrack (oh, how they love to run around mom, and get pulled back into her safe lap)

Thursday 9:30 am. class

[rockyou id=114358363&w=426&h=320]

Shiney Dinah was our definite favorite book – Choo Choo… Dinah, Dinah..  Shoo Shoo… Shine-a, Shine-a, Shine-a

Rolling the “boats” (balls) on the “river” (blue sheet) was another favorite for all this semester.  En Roulant, Ma Boule Roulant – keep the ball a-rollin’

Thursday 10:30 am. class

[rockyou id=114359911&w=426&h=320]

To my students and families, thank you for such a wonderful time on the move.  May you enjoy the process of getting there, as much as being there, and may you always find your car keys.  Jingle, Jingle.