Today’s class was loaded with opportunities to learn and to relate new information to past learning! Did you know that the ti-ti symbol (two eighth notes) can be divided into individual eighth notes? Ask your child to show you how!  And have them read the rhythm pattern in “My Head and My Shoulders” ;   ti –Ta – ti-ti – Ta – ti-ti …  

We are also working on solidifying in our bodies and ears a syncopated rhythmic pattern. Syncopation is a rhythm in which a beat not normally emphasized receives emphasis.  The rhythmic pattern is actually   ti-Ta  ti-Ta ta,   but is most easily achieved by speaking the word syn-CO-pa-TA-TA and stretching out the syllables “CO” and the two“TA,” it is possible to feel a syncopated rhythm. They really enjoyed stomping out this syncopated pattern while following in a line, and playing it on the drums.  African music is usually very complex rhythmically and they use a lot of syncopation with their drumming and music.  And you often find a lot of syncopation in Jazz music.  Try stomping out this rhythm at home, play it on a drum, play it on the new note g’ on the recorder.  Play the beat on your child’s back.  Find new ways to play it!


They are asked to practice this and other rhythms with the new note on their recorder, the note g’.  Music at Home 55 offers ideas for practicing this new note, including playing our in-class Mystery Song – Hot Cross Buns !   

And there’s a new Mystery Song to pick out on the Glockenspiel.  What can it be?