Verilux Ultraviolet Light Wand

Verilux Ultraviolet Light Wand

In my efforts to minimize the exposure to germs for both my family and the families I teach, I have been researching a cleaning product called the Verilux Cleanwave Sanitizing Light Wand.

It caught my eye in a SkyMall catalog while in flight to the Southern Regional Kindermusik Conference, and seemed to have many benefits. I have spent hours on the internet and have only found positives.

 1 – Cleaning with UV-C light destroys 99.9% of many types of germs.  It identifies the virus that causes H1N1 as one of these types, as well as many more.  Instructions include the time it takes to destroy each of these types.
2 – It can kill germs in spaces that are difficult to reach with other methods.
3 – Within a few minutes, toys can be sanitized and ready to use. It is not necessary to wait for it to dry, as is the case with other cleaners.
4 – It is safe for any surface.
5 – The large light wand covers a large surface, such as a single layer of toys on a reflective surface.
6 – It sits on a rechargable base, so it is always ready to go, and doesn’t go through cases of batteries.

I am purchasing one to use in my Kindermusik classroom, and setting up a tray with a mirrored bottom (so it will also clean the underside of the toy, and I don’t have to turn them over.)  It just takes a few minutes to slowly go over the instruments a couple of times to eliminate the germs.  I plan on using it at home too.  I just might have to buy another. 

I searched hard for anything to say this wouldn’t work, but didn’t find anything. They have been using this technology in hospitals for years.  Verilux has a ton of research to back up their claims, and is all listed right on their site.  They are EPA approved.  This is new to me, but seems worth a try. The one on Verilux is on a rechargable stand, and is only $100.  It is certainly worth it to me to make sure everyone involved in my Kindermusik classes will not have to worry about germs on the items we use, including instruments, balls, scarves, props, etc..

 Check out, and tell me what you think.   I read one review and one blog posting of moms who used it in their homes and experienced last winter without any illnesses in the family.  WOW!  I hope it works that good.  Is there anyone who has any experience with these products?  Any nurses out there who care to comment about use in a health care facility?