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Kindermusik Schedule


During the Florida Winter months of January & February, let’s focus on fostering Hope, building Community, and nurturing our relationships with Family & Friends, all through joyful musical play together.  Your family will have new songs to sing, new lap bounces for your babies, new ways to move and dance with your bodies, and new instruments to create and explore with your active explorers.  

Enroll for the full 8 weeks for just two easy payments of $65, a discount of $5 and option for physical materials without additional cost (see below).   Just connect with Ms Debbie by phone, text or email to clarify your enrollment choices and make it easy for you.

All ages, from babies up to 5 year olds will be included in our ongoing exploration of effective strategies to support our child’s social-emotional development, one of the most important elements for success, and so tricky to navigate in this seemingly ever-changing world.   Together, we support each other as we strive to survive and thrive heading into a new year.

ALL of our classes during the first THREE WEEKS of January will be offered as VIRTUAL classes through ZOOM, to ensure the health and safety of all of our families after the long holiday break.  The BONUS is that your whole family can participate with the enrollment of ONE child, and you can ZOOM in with us multiple times a week to create a special music time as part of your daily routine, or as it fits in your schedule, from the comfort and safety of your own home or back yard.  You may seriously wonder if this will work for your child or family… so take a moment and  Read what our local Kindermusik families have to say about the benefits of our Virtual classes by clicking here ***.

We begin our year, Jan. 5 – 9 , with A Sprinkle of Hope. ($15 for family)  THIS ALBUM, and these activities are so full of magical interactions you will cherish having available throughout your year.   We create new ways to celebrate what we accomplish, dance and share what we hope for, and give space to recognize of our own unique light within each of us, so important to ensure we Let it Shine.

Weeks 2 & 3 of Jan. feature One Red Wagon, ($35 for two weeks for the whole family) a brand NEW special offering from Kindermusik, focusing on building community.  Through this delightful story book, you’ll discover how just one person can make big things happen.  Journey and sing alongside a young boy who creates an entire community garden with a good idea, perseverance, and a single red wagon.  You will love this new album full of gardening songs, with COLORS and a few little garden critters in our pretend play interactions.

For 5 weeks, the last week of January through the end of February, we will all be enjoying a special unit, Family & Friends.   These musical activities provide plentiful opportunities to learn ways to interact respectfully with each other, make friends, and develop strong healthy relationships… skills that are so important for success in our lives.   

During Family & Friends, the 9:00 am and 5:30 pm. classes will transfer automatically to our OUTDOOR classes on our Kindermusik DECK, (with respect for our ability to do so safely).   Outdoor classes will be held ONCE a week on our DECK at 2700 S. Florida Ave., where we will be in-person, and using precautions to be SAFE & HEALTHY (read our GUIDE here).    For Outdoor programs, siblings can be enrolled for a discounted rate.

NEW Music Albums for each of our themes will be ADDED to the delightful offerings in the Kindermusik APP, available on any device.  Your access to ONLINE eBook and activities are INCLUDED with the cost. 

You have options to purchase the Physical book instead of the digital version for a small additional cost if enrolling in only one theme.  When you enroll for the FULL Winter Session, I will cover this cost for the physical books for One Red Wagon and Family & Friends, as well as the set of green Fiddlesticks if you choose physical instead of digital.

AND look forward to more information coming about the Spring Session during March through May.

When is a good time for your family to make music together with us?

Click on any class time in our following schedule to see more details about that program.

Or go directly to our enrollment system to secure your place in the class time of your choice.

Current Schedules Offered

So far, This is our age based Weekly Schedule for our WINTER Session.  Keep a watch for classes being added.

10:00 am.  Friday            Level 1  – designed for babies up to around 20 months.

9:00 am.  T & W.             Level 2 –  designed for 18 months to 3 years, open to families  

10:30 am.  T, W, & Th.     Level 2 –  designed for 18 months to 3 years, open to families  (continues Virtually through May)

5:30 pm.  T & W.             Level 2 –  designed for families with children ages 1 – 5 years (will start in March)

9:00 am.  Th.                 Level 3 – designed for 3 – 5 years  

12:15 pm.  W & Th.         Level 3 – designed for 3 – 5 years, open to families   (continues Virtually through May)

5:30 pm.    Tues.            Level 5 – designed for 5 – 7 years focusing on Music Theory, Classical & Cultural Music, play 3 instruments.

9:00 am. Sat.                 Mixed Age – family Style Events offered once a month  (Scroll down for more details on Saturday Playdates)

10:30 am.   Saturday     Mixed Age – family style .  (See links below.)

Starting the 2nd week of February, our OUTDOOR options will be held on the DECK outside our Kindermusik Studio and are limited to just 8 families, offered as a one-time event, or once a week classes.   






This is the perfect way to stay connected while staying safe at home.  For most of our classes and events, we will be interacting with each other LIVE ONLINE through ZOOM.  You may wonder how this will work for your young child, but you may be amazed at the connection and benefits and flexibility you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.  Check out what these parents have to say about the Virtual Kindermusik experience.  You must be REGISTERED for any class, even if just visiting, to meet regulations.


Starting Jan.  26

We do have a few limited options for OUTDOOR classes and events.  UMT is allowing us to use the large DECK outside of the Kindermusik studio, which gives us enough space for social distancing, and less risk so we can SING and dance and make music with our friends. 

Families who choose this option must review the Safe and Healthy Guideslines for Outdoor Kindermusik in the Fall of 2020.  These class times are filling up fast because the class size on the deck is limited to 6 - 8 students.

In our Studio

Not Yet  

Due to high COVID-19 outbreaks in situations in which people are SINGING, and subsequent research, CDC guidelines do not allow SINGING indoors, no matter how large the space.  Just ask music teachers in the schools!   

We will return to our happy Kindermusik studio as soon as we can safely do so, hopefully at the beginning of the new year.  When we do, the class size will be limited to 6 families, so we can be 6' apart.

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:00 –  Mixed ages:   OUTDOORS

10:30 – Mixed ages:  OUTDOORS

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.