Kindermusik Schedule

Is your family ready to make music daily through our Virtual PLUS Unlimited Package 

with Grow & Sing Studios and our amazing team of educators.

  September 2022 through May 2023

ZOOM in with us 1 – 5 times each week for personally guided music, movement & more through our Kindermusik Virtual + Package with several of the Grow & Sing Studios accredited educators, including Ms Debbie… (so much more than I can offer by myself).  Your children will be able to see other children and interact with them too.  OR, you can choose not to share your sight or sound, and focus more on interacting with each other.   

You and your family might find these daily interactive learning experiences, in the comfort of your own home, works best for you for a variety of reasons.  Check out this article for more of Ms Debbie’s thoughts. 

Try it out for just one full week of interactions for just $5.  Be diligent in attending as many as you can, preparing with a “scavenger hunt” ahead of class, interacting with each other, and with your new friends online.  Scatter a bit of what you learned throughout your daily routines, and you will soon see the process of music can bring out the best in all of us:  more joy, connection and “teachable moments” throughout your days together.  The longer you are a part of these experiences, the more you will see this process working for you and your family.

Current Schedule Offered

 Your child’s favorite time of day will be interacting with you and a live educator focused on your unique child’s development.  You’ll both build a wide range of ways to move, play, explore life, and connect with each other through musical expression.   The Grow & Sing virtual teaching team includes:  Ms Lisa, Ms Debbie, Ms Marisol, Ms Holly, and Ms Jadyn. 

So my Lakeland friends know, Ms Debbie is scheduled to facilitate the Tuesday Kindermusik Level 3 program, and be a part of several others throughout the week.  AND, I guarantee that you and your family will grow to LOVE each of these delightful and experienced educators as much as I do.

Zoom in with your child in the comfort of your own home for a week’s worth of learning experiences.  On Sunday of each week, you’ll receive an email with a full schedule and a link that will allow you to access all of the Zoom events that week.  AND, you’ll get a list of all the fun things to gather and have ready to be an active part of these events.

          Join us for ONE or ALL of these events each week as part of your enrollment. 


Mon.   – 10:00 – MUSIC MONDAY:  Dance party, Puppetry, or Special Themed Event

Tues.   –  4:30 – Kindermusik Level 3 – Interactive Music through Imagination and Storytelling for 3 yrs.+

Wed.    – 10:00 – Kindermusik Foundations – Multi-sensory engagements for newborns and babies.

Wed.   –  6:30  – Biligual Birdies – Spanish language  (Add for $8/month)  Click this link for more info.

Thu.    – 11:00   – Kindermusik Multi-age:  Family Interactions for all ages

Fri.      – 10:00  – FUN FRIDAY Sing Along or Themed Event


At least once a month, as scheduled, you can enjoy another sweet option:

Lullaby Evening  – 7 pm   – Sweet stories and songs for calming    (Schedule TBA)


More details for each of the Grow & Sing Studios Virtual PLUS Unlimited package can be found when you click the button below.  

If you would like to talk with someone personally about the virtual options, please click on the following button, and we’ll connect with you as soon as possible. 

This is also a great way to connect with me when you are interested in an in person event, such as a birthday party or School Enhancement program.

Follow ALL of the creative content by Holly and our amazing team on whichever social media platform you enjoy.  You’ll be delighted by our great music and ideas to use, easy tips for child development, and stay informed about all our musical opportunities. 

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Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • Pumpkin Party
  • Frolicsome Fall
  • Winter Wonderland
  • A Sprinkle of Hope
  • Love Somebody
  • Lucky Charms


If interested in in-person classes in Lakeland, and have a potential location, please click the link below with your initial ideas, and we’ll connect to see if we can make that happen.