Scheduling a Make-up Class


No matter how good you are at attending regularly, it is likely that you will miss a class at some point, and may want to schedule a make-up class.  I hope this helps you feel confident about which dates are scheduled, which dates are OFF, and how to make up a class you may have missed, or know you will miss in the future.  Yes, you can actually make up a class prior to your absence. đŸ™‚ Using your online Family Account to Schedule a make-up has some great benefits for everyone.

You should have received a printed calandar page for our current session, as well as a magnet to hang it on your refrigerator. We also have our current calendar online in case that works best for you.

Our Music Connections calendar includes all of our scheduled weeks of Kindermusik, as well as special Playdates or Events was included in your welcome notebook.  If any changes occur, the ONLINE calendar will be updated FIRST, and I will do my best to contact you.  

When Classes are Rescheduled by Music Connections

We are now using REMIND as our Text Messaging system, so if classes are cancelled due to a hurricane, or Ms. Debbie being ill, then you will be notified by text message, through our MusiconnxMe FB Group, and with a back up email with more details.  Please reply to the text message to let me know you got the message, or I’ll be calling to make sure you know.

If classes are cancelled by ME, due to illness, hurricane, or whatever, then those classes will be rescheduled for a different week. That is why the last month of the session isn’t scheduled to have 4 classes. Your payments cover a set number of lessons and all the materials for each of the units included, and I will make sure you get ALL of that, regardless of the number of classes per month.

Tips for Scheduling a Make up class 

We know… your family life includes disruptions, (illnesses, vacations, Dr. appts,, etc.,) and not every class can be attended at the same time every week.  In order to make adjustments easy for my families, we have a very open make up policy.

Tip #1:  I just want to be clear, Your child thrives best with consistency, same class time and same friends, so try to attend your enrolled class time as much as possible.  When your child is in the classroom surrounded by familiar people, it is more likely that they can feel safe and relax enough to really engage and expand with the activities.

Tip #2:  THANK YOU for choosing to miss a class when your child is sick.  We ALL appreciate NOT sharing germs.  That is one of the prime reasons for this open make up policy.  

Do not attend if your child has had a fever within 24 hours of class time, or if their mucas is green.  I can attest to the challenge it is as a mom to make this decision if these clear cut indicators are not present.  If you have a question, feel free to call me and discuss your concerns.  You can see all the ways we try to keep each other healthy in this article:

Tip #3:  As long as you are enrolled, you can continue to schedule make up classes, even weeks or months later.

Tip #4:  Please do not just show up at a different class time without scheduling online, or checking with me first. There is a maximum number of students who can attend, which allows us to ensure the intimate quality of the program.

Tip #5: Your Kindermusik calendar includes all the weeks we DO and DO NOT have classes.  On a separate handout in your folder, there is a list of all the class times for all of the programs so you can see the options before going online.

Tip #6:   You can SIGN IN to your FAMILY ACCOUNT online with your smart phone or computer to Schedule a Make-up class. (link located in middle of your account page.) This system serves multiple purposes:

  • You indicate you will not be in your regular class, so it opens up a spot for someone else who might need it.  So even if you know the night before, or the morning of your regular class, you can open it for others
  • It shows you the class times you can attend in your child’s age range that have a spot available for you. If you know a class is scheduled, but it is not showing up, that likely means it is full.
  • Be aware, you can use the drop down list to choose one of our Playdates for Families. (See note below for details.)

Tip #7:   If you end up missing a class without rescheduling, I appreciate a text or email to let me know what’s happening, otherwise I WORRY about you.  Not required, just appreciated.

Options for Scheduling a Make up Class

  • Change days during that same week.  Example:  Attend Wednesday instead of Thursday
  • Attend TWO different class times during a week that you CAN attend.       
  • Schedule your make-up class to attend a Playdate for Families, typically on the 2nd Saturday of each month, as long as there is available spots. There is no cost to attend and participate. Be aware, these special events are centered around a unique album of 10 recordings, AND props or instruments that we hand out at the end. You can purchase these for $7. Just let me know you want them so I can have these ready for you, and bring $7 cash in an envelope with your name on it.

If, for some reason, the online system is not allowing you to do what you are trying to do, please just text us and let us know what you would like, and we will do our best to make it work for you. . … and I will attempt to fix the system. Most of the time it works, but my “Indian Name” is “TUSSLES WITH TECHNOLOGY” for a reason, so I empathize with anyone going through computer issues.

All the details you need to know to log in and use your Family Account effectively, including how to Schedule A Make Up Class, are included in this article on my website:

I look forward to our time together.  Of course, connect with me if you have questions, or an unusual circumstance, such as an extended vacation or a family emergency.  I always want to hear from you, and work together with you for what is best for your child, for you, and for your family.