I hear and I forget.I see and I remember.I do and I understand.                                      Chinese Proverb 

As a parent, I am sure you thoroughly understand the premise of this Chinese proverb! Children often do not remember something when only told about it. Seeing and, even more importantly, doing, solidify their understanding. This is one of the reasons the Kindermusik curriculum is so completely integrated. For example, several approaches are used to present rhythm patterns in order to ensure your child’s comprehension.

Two weeks ago, I introduced the song “Hop, Old Squirrel” to the children by singing it for them. We discussed the staccato and legato sections in the song. I then taught them a simple accompaniment (a repetitive Bordun) on the glockenspiel that they could play while I sang the song. Last week, the song was introduced through a movement activity. The movements corresponded with the rhythm patterns found within the song. This week, they played the rhythm patterns on their glockenspiels.

Integrated learning allows your child to grasp concepts through several learning methods and across the learning domains, including cognitive, physical, social, and musical. Further integrated learning can take place at home.

There are some ideas like this presented in Music at Home 28 to help your child learn the song “Sing and Celebrate.”  The children will enjoy the activities best if you take less than 5 minutes each day for 4 days. 

The students are doing wonderfully, and are remembering their notes and rhythms that they have learned so far. 

Boys on Glocks

Next week, I will begin with a short class to review some concepts, including “Sing and Celebrate” to set us up for the FUN last day of class.  Then the students will be able to watch “Peter and the Wolf” on the classic video made by Disney.  (This is a real gem, and includes “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”)   During the movie, I would love to spend this time with the parents to discuss your evaluations and summer opportunities.