Let’s SHARE Kindermusik LOVE this Valentine’s Day !

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Sometimes sharing love is a one-way prospect, like giving someone something with no expectation of anything in return, with no recognition of who is actually even doing the giving, or sometime the getting… like when folks randomly pay for the next person’s coffee at Starbucks.

Things offered on this page could be like that… you can download and print the coloring page and download the music, and we may never know who each other are – or how much we have enjoyed this opportunity.  I love that.   No pressure… no hype… just the enjoyment of sharing and enjoying from the heart.

Sometimes sharing the love starts an interaction that connects people in new and unique ways.  Of course, I LOVE these interactions, and hope they are sparked, but there are no expectations.  Maybe… just maybe, we’ll be interacting soon.

How will you enjoy these gifts?

Kindermusik Playdates in Lakeland, FL  

FREE Kindermusik Playdates are offered at Explorations V with Ms. Debbie, on two dates.  The theme is  “Love My Family”.  We will enjoy about 45 minutes of interactive family musical activities, and it will feature many of the songs on the Kindermusik Moves Me Playlist that is available to download FREE (see below)

Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015

  • 9:30 am – Babies up to 24 months
  • 10:30 am – Families with children 1 – 5 years old

Wed. Feb. 18

  • 10:30 am – Families with children 1 – 5 years old

Please contact Debbie to save your place for this interactive musical family opportunity.  Anyone is welcome, but class size is limited.

Free Kindermusik Song Downloads  

Kindermusik International is offering some music for FREE.  (These are some of the songs I’ll be using in my Kindermusik Playdate !)

Download 5 Kindermusik songs from Play.kindermusik.com.  The Kindermusik Moves Me Playlist is featured on the home page and includes the following songs:

  • I Love My Family (very hip and upbeat),
  • You Are My Sunshine (a delightful arrangement of a classic),
  • Everybody Loves Baby (straight from the heart),
  • Is This Love? (a show tunes style song from a dad)
  • Love Somebody   (a fun singing game to play with your child)

If, perchance, this is the first time you are logging in to this music download site, there are three extra credits that await you.  What else will you choose?  I would recommend:

  • Best Friends (feel good instrumental music)
  • Come My Little Darling (sweet song for moving along)
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart (classic song from early 1900s)
  • Shady Grove (an Irish style circle dance)
  • Water Come a Me Eye (a Calypso song with great syncopation)
  • The More We Get Together, v1  (a groovin’ jazz version)

There’s a whole site of delightful music to choose from.

Musical Coloring Pages  


Revisit this 2010 article for a fun Kindermusik coloring page, with fun ideas on how to set this us for some fun artistic interactions.

Color and Share the Love

ANY time during February, families participating in Kindermusik can bring in a completed page with the answer to “What I like about Kindermusik”, and I will give them a special foam heart with their name on it.

Here are some additional coloring page to enjoy.

Sharing the LOVE on Facebook


There is so much LOVE that I have to share.  I hope you will LIKE my Music Connections Facebook Page and click to “Get Notifications”, then join in the conversations about musical parenting, and be inspired.