Sibling Discounts

Many families have more than one child, and every child should have the benefit of the Kindermusik opportunity !  We want families to participate together, so we are trying to give you the best rate possible, so all of you can enjoy it.  Here are some guidelines that help families with more than one child enrolling in Kindermusik during the same semester.

Initial Enrollment

One child must enroll at full price, which includes the tuition of $11 – 12 per class, PLUS materials.

Big Kids Summer camps are a higher daily cost due to the longer duration.

New Students are welcome anytime.  When a child is enrolled at any point after the first day of class, the tuition will be prorated to reflect the tuition for only the remaining class in the semester.  That includes the tuition for each child.

Tuition for SIBLINGS

Second child’s tuition is just $10 per 45 – 60 min. class.

Third child’s tuition is just $6 per 45 – 60 min. class.

If you have a fourth child (or more) in the same age range, you are truly a blessed family, please contact me, and we’ll chat about your families specific needs.

If there is a sibling under 6 months old, or sibling much older than the age group, please chat with me.  I do allow a limited number of  siblings to accompany the family for free, as long as they are not disruptive during the class.  It IS important that the Parent is able to focus mostly on the child(ren) enrolled for the class.

Materials for Siblings

MOST Kindermusik Programs have Sibling Kits which include an additional Home Activity Book (with cut out activities) and an additional instrument, as well as the carrying case.  Approximate cost $30.  But each program is different.

KEEP your Home Materials – all of them.  Many families are able to use the materials again when the next child enrolls in that program.  If you are considering this, contact me, and I can provide a list of all that is included in a full kit.  If missing some materials, sibling kits are recommended, or even replacement items (esp. for excessively loved books).

Family Time classes are made for families with more than one child.  ONLY ONE SET of materials is required for the whole family.  Although if you’d like more than the two instruments that come with the kit, you can order additional ones.  Just contact me.

ABC Music and Art classes:

Materials for art are reduced to $7 for siblings

There are no music materials cost for siblings

Big Kids Summer Camp:

Materials for art and percussion are the same for siblings, due to the specialized materials we are using for these sections.

There are no extra sibling materials for the music portion.

I hope this helps so your family can be involved !!!

We LOVE families !  If you have any ideas on how to make our systems work better for families with multiple children, I WANT to HEAR THEM !

PLEASE feel free to contact me for a specific price for your family at

You are welcome to enroll your family online, paying simply the initial cost (materials). Once we chat, I can modify the costs in my system according to the specifics of your family.