Who put the silly in the silly dance?  It’s you!     Not me!      Yes, YOU!

Grab a child, turn the volume up on your computer, and get ready to dance… and freeze!


I love what Jim says in the beginning, he tries to make his music like a big family room where everybody plays together.   Children don’t necessarily remember that they listened to Jim Gill, but that they dance and played with their mom or dad, or with their friends.

 Jim Gill, his banjo, and his band, make this special music – but YOU, ALL OF YOU FOLKS, are really what make this fun.  Hint:  Don’t just watch!  It’s your family room, where you can play together.  And make sure to point out the silliest poses during the freeze!  The words and melody to this song are easy to pick up, maybe you can make up some of your own verses.