The sound of a young child’s singing voice resonates within a mom’s heart and soul.  The gift of a song may be the greatest heartfelt way for a young child to express their love for mom.  There are many songs written for children to sing to their moms, but most are too complex for the toddlers and preschoolers.   For our youngest to be successful, it is helpful to have simple words connected with a familiar tune.

In fact, a familiar echo song provides a perfect format for the newest talkers who do best at repeated what has just been said.  The familiar echo tune of Frere Jacques works fabulously for these words penned by Carla C Skjong, which I found in “A Year of Fun, Just for Threes”.    Picture a father and child approaching mom, with dad singing the first part and the child echoing the words and melody.  (Or the leader may be a grandparent or friend.)

Adult                                              Child

  • I Love Mommy…                      I Love Mommy
  • Yes, I do…                                   Yes, I do
  • And my mommy loves me    And my mommy loves me
  • Loves me too…                           Loves me too.


Preschoolers love to sing the alphabet song, and will get a lot of joy out of putting in a surprising twist to the song…  let these little comedians have fun with this one… of course, to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.    It is similar enough to be easy, yet different enough to bring that excited look to their face !

  • A  B  C  D  E  F  G
  • I love mommy she loves me !
  • She gives me hugs and kisses too.
  • She laughs at me when I say “Boo”.  (Boo can be spoken with fun emphasis.)
  • Now I’ve sung this mommy song,
  • Won’t you come and sing along.

Better yet, help them come up with their own verses – with their own twists in the words.  Preschoolers especially love the element of surprise and being funny.  Please keep in mind that it is more important for them to enjoy the words they come up with, rather than trying to make sure they rhyme.

Have a fun Mother’s Day with your family !

If you have a fun song that young children can sing for their mother, please share !!!    If you and your child wrote different words to the Alphabet song, please share…  I can’t wait to see what they have come up with.