My 5 year old daughter has been singing a beautiful song about peace that she learned at school (Lakeland Montessori).  From the teacher’s weekly email, I followed a link to find all the words, and found a lot more than that.  This song travelled the world in 24 hours – on the International Day of Peace – Sept. 21, 2009.

Sing Peace Around the World dove of Peace

Light a candle for peace,
Light a candle for love,
Light a candle that shines,
All the way around the world.

Light a candle for me,
Light a candle for you,
That our wish for world peace,
Will one day come true

Sing Peace Around the World  (4 times)

This simple song (not rock, pop, or jazz) is being sung by millions of children around the world, and is serving many purposes.  

In this song, this calming melody and these heartfelt words, children are introduced to the idea of peace – placing in their heart a desire to live in a peaceful way.  Throughout the year, during each Montessori school day, they learn specific ways to spend their time peacefully and productively.  They also learn to resolve conflict in peaceful ways.  We all need this.

Children singing in unison create a strong feeling as being a part of a unified group.  This instills a feeling of belonging, and a feeling of a group purpose.  These feelings help children be strong emotionally, and to feel safe.  This allows their psyche to be free of stress and worry so they can concentrate their energies on learning; independently, and from each other.   The same processes occur in our Kindermusik class room as we sing together, and enjoy circle dances with each other.  

The same processes can also occur within the family as you sing together at home or in the car.  These songs you sing together help you share your values with your children, and help the bonds between the family members become strong, creating memories strong enough to last a whole lifetime, and help children overcome life obstacles.

As children realize that the song they are singing is also being sung by children in so many different countries, they start increasing their awareness of, and feeling connected to the rest of the world.  Cora and I enjoyed seeing the videos of children around the world singing the SAME song, and, of course, after a bit of listening, we sang along (when in English).  Her vision of the world is so much larger than mine was a the same age.  The Montessori system is fully developed in countries all over the world, and this world vision is an important part of each child’s ongoing education – at every age level.  We are very fortunate to have such a quality school in our community.

Kindermusik also had a larger world vision.  Cultural music from around the world has been studied and collected, and added to the compilations of quality music on the CDs parents take home, as well as to the curriculum of our class activities.   Kindermusik classes are being taught in 60 different countries, and our semesters coincide.  For example, the Our Time class (toddlers)  is now enjoying the Wiggles and Giggles semester, no matter where you live.  Children in Germany, Canada, South Africa, and Japan are all enjoying moving and dancing with their partners singing “Love Somebody, Yes I do!”

Music truly can make a difference and create a positive impact on people, on so many different levels:  personal, family, community, and globally.   That’s why I am so glad that my daughter is part of the Montessori learning methods.  That is also why I named my business Music Connections, and started teaching Kindermusik over 11 years ago.

Do something special with your child.  Learn this song together, and sing it with all your heart.  Sing it as a family.  Talk about children all over the world singing the same song.  Watch a few of the videos and feel connected.  Together, learn to live in peaceful ways, and share this with others.  Soon, we may all be Singing Peace Around the World.

Do you have a favorite song of peace that you sing with your children?  Please Comment and Share which song helps your family connect and feel at peace.