“Singing and Dancing, we will be Making Music” …. throughout our Summer Adventures !   ALL of your summer adventures will gain a new level of excitement and delight as you add new tunes, and creative new ways to interact with each other…  in Kindermusik classes, during pretend adventures in your Stay-cation, and on the road to your favorite destinations.

Funny thing is, these are some of our very favorite units, the music always brings smiles, and we never tire of them.  Long time Kindermusik families share their joy in revisiting these albums and activities at home as soon as the weather turns warmer, and when it come back around for a summer camp with the younger sibling.  Each time I teach these lessons, I remember the giggles and the enthusiasm during our favorite activities, and I KNOW that you and your family will FILL YOUR BUCKET of happiness having these musical adventures as a part of your lives.  And, the familiarity with these lessons jump starts my creative juices, and I keep adding more surprises for us to enjoy together, and many suggestions for arts, crafts, and snacks that help you extend the learning during the week.

On the first day of class, each family gets a high quality CD of delightfully arranged music and songs, and a reading of the children’s book that comes with it.  AND, there are special props and instruments that add life to your musical adventures at home.  Pretty soon, your child will be asking for their favorite songs in the car and singing along, or grabbing a colorful scarf and enticing you to play peek-a-boo and dance around the living room to music that just begs your body to get up and move.

Each age group has their own adventurous theme and includes 6 lessons in the package.  These are offered once a week, but with a flexible schedule, so if you plan to be out of town, or if sickness finds you,  you can reschedule that lesson to a better day for you.

Our BABIES Adventures (newborn to 2 yrs.) are full of favorite interactive baby games from around the world.  Your baby, along with their favorite adult partner connect so fully in class, with each other, and with the other babies and families that make up our little village.   The Peek-a-Boo children’s card book has baby looking for each loving family member who is partially hidden on the page… totally irresistible for your child.  The home kit also includes a lesson by lesson poster of ideas, a duck puppet wash mitt, and a baby sensory ball.  Our schedule includes two different age groups to really meet the needs of these little ones.

Babies from 2 – 12 months –  a time filled with WONDER and a brain ready to learn from sights, sounds and interactive experiences

Babies from 12 – 24 months – those we like to call active explorers


If you love the beach, celebrating sun, sand & seashores, as well as the critters found around the water, (whether it is pretend play at home, or actual trips to the beach), your summer is going to be a full out beach party !!!  We gather once a week for 45 minutes of musical pretend beach play with our friends, making music, dancing, connecting, and laughing together.  You will have songs to sing as you are walking in the sand, building sand castles,  jumping over the waves and swimming with the dolphins and whales.  Your child will LOVE counting the cool dancing ocean creatures in the children’s book, “1, 2, 3, Octopus & Me”, and using their new seashell castanets to sound like crab claws and play along with the music.    Two age group class types are available:

Toddlers & Twos:   1 1/2 – 3 years old, a time where they are learning to be engaged learners.

Family Style:  1 – 4+ years old, with one or more children, learning new ways to interact with each other


Your PRESCHOOL age children (3 & 4 years old) will be participating independently for 30 minutes with their friends in our On The Road adventures to our favorite destinations (camping, lake cabin, carnival, beach, etc) , and families, including siblings, join in the adventures for the last 15 min.  Your child will revel in the illustrations and story of the quirky family in the book “Go Van Go”, and will delight in the feel and sound and the cutest little wooden guiro frog that makes froggy sounds when you rub it’s back.


Our BIG KIDS (5 – 7 yrs) visit FIVE different countries through exploration of their cultural music, art, language, and traditions.  We are fully engaged for two hours in the morning for unique adventures in the following cultures:  European Alpine countries, England, Japan, Central & South Africa, & Mexico.   Picture card folders and additional handouts provide the lyrics and melodies for the songs each country, as well as providing language, ideas for arts, crafts & snacks and other resources to continue to learn about each culture.  The students will love their new den den drum, which is used in music making in 3 of these cultures, and will get hands on experiences with real instruments from each of these cultures.  Ms. Debbie has loads of wonderful cultural surprises for the 8 students who are chosen to be in the program.  Only 5 lessons, mostly in June.

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